Sentara in the Community

Friends of the RMH Foundation

Gifts received from Jan. 1 to July 31, 2020

Sentara RMH Medical Center is grateful to have the support of generous community members. We express this gratitude and recognize the contributions our donors make through the President’s Forum, the William Leake Society, the 1910 Cornerstone Club and the White Rose Giving Circle. These exclusive giving circles are our way to honor our most generous partners who show they care about having the best medical services available in our community. Finally, to recognize your loyalty over the years, we are placing next to your name the number of consecutive years you have supported the RMH Foundation. Thank you for your support!

Totals represent cumulative amounts given in 2020.

President’s Forum

$100,000 and above

Harman Realty (1)

Sentara RMH Volunteer Auxiliary (39)


Diane C. Davis (28)

James Madison University Engineering Class and Friends (1)

William R. Madren Trust Agreement (2)

Earl L. Shirkey Jr. Trust (1)


Devon C. and Teresa B. Anders (11)

Ball Corporation (1)

Blue Ridge Bank (5)

Bob Wade Subaru (7)

Barbara Z. Buhl (2)

Frances Ann Byers (1)

Eleanor M. Campbell (11)

Paul and Sherry Cline Fund of the Community Foundation of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County (9)

Eddie R. and Catherine Coffey (23)

Covenant Presbyterian Church Group (1)

DuPont Community Credit Union (3)

Harry F.and Margaret M. Flippo Foundation of the Community Foundation of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County (3)

Harrisonburg Makers Help (1)

Bob Alexander, Laura Atkins, Kim Bowmaster, Holly Buchanan Hans Burkholder, Jamie Calcagno-Roach, Kathleen Conery Dan Easley, Geoffray Estes, Charles Fairchild, Rebecca Field Carrie Gray, Jeff Guinn, Jamie Haag, Bill Harner, Julie Hatfield Kevin Hegg, Shelly Hokanson, Adrienne Hooker, Sara Horst Carlson Jenkins, Daniel Kvitko, Holly Labbe-Cole, Anneke Lamb Nicholas Lamb, Laura Lambert, Joe Lipscomb, Matt Loflin Emma and Zoey Loflin, Kristen Loflin, December Lorimer Vanessa Manson, Tanya Monger, Stephanie Nelson Bethany Nowviskie, Art Pekun, Keenan Rowe, Amy Russel-Yun Grover Saunders, Seth Shantz, Julie Sorge-Way, Eric Stauffer Mike Stoltzfus, Laura Taalman, Amanda Thompson, David Wang, Oscar Wang, Patty Watson, Heidi Yoder, Nathan Cooper, Jay Veenis

Dr. Charles H. and Mary Henderson (38)

Dr. Alden L. and Louise Otto Hostetter (13)

InterChange (1)

Carolyn Henry Joseph Charitable Trust (9)

John D. Kinkead Trust (1)

David and Emily Larson and the Spark Adoption Grant of The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County (1)

Macado’s of Harrisonburg (1)

Herman and Janet Mason Family Fund of 

The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg 

and Rockingham County (12)

Garry R. and Nancy B. Nichols and Nichols Family Charitable Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust (12)

Charles V. Oster (24)

W. Marshall and Gloria B. Price (21)

Douglas M. and Vickie K. Rawley (4)

Riner Rentals (2)

Barbara R. Somers (1)

The Robert H. Strickler and Lorraine W. Strickler Foundation (8)

Louise Brenneman Tardy (1)

The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County (18)

The US Charitable Gift Trust (4)

Theta Iota Chapter of Alpha Phi James Madison University (4)

N. Paige and Ann C. Will (7)

Wayne and Joyce Wright (20)

William Leake Society


Michael and Violet Allain (1)

Ameriprise Financial Services Inc. (2)

Judy Anderson (1)

Cindy Barnett (1)

Daniel B. and Susan Weiss Behrend (1)

Drs. A. Jerry Benson and Martha K. Ross (9)

Auburn A. and Ruth D. Boyers (39)

Chester L. and Nancy B. Bradfield Pass-Through Fund of the Community Foundation & Rockingham County (29)

Craig M. and Melanie Brimhall (2)

Francis M. and Alice S. Bruce (2)

Rita Bunch (1)

Sharon Carr and Friends, Debbie Ream, Rebecca Arthur, Lou Kirkendall (1)

Crosslink Community Church (1)

Crossroads Mennonite Church (1)

Cup Cake Company (1)

Nancy Dauer (1)

Cory R. and Donielle Davies (13)

Domino’s (1)

Dynamic Aviation Group Inc. (1)

Linda Elliott (1)

Everence Foundation Inc. (4)

Farmers and Merchants Bank (7)

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund (10)

Funkhouser Real Estate Group (1)

Dr. and Mrs. Steven E. Gardner Family Fund of 

The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg 

and Rockingham County (1)

Donna Gochenour (5)

Chasity H. Godshall (12)

Grace Covenant Church (1)

Donna S. Hahn and Doug Hahn (14)

Elizabeth Harnsberger Trust (9)

Harrisonburg Elks Lodge #450 (1)

Harrisonburg Kiwanis Club Inc. (1)

Harrisonburg Rotary Club Charitable Foundation Inc. (1)

Richard and Julie Haushalter (21)

John R. and Mary Ann Heatwole (2)

Ollie Heatwole Trust (1)

George and Cary Hevener (16)

Hokkaido Japanese Resturant (1)

Home Depot Harrisonburg (1)

Robert P. and Eloise B. Hostetler (8)

Impact Assets (1)

Insurance Center of Harrisonburg and Erie Insurance/Mike Rodes (1)

Judith D. Jenkins (4)

Tedd H. and Lora W. Jett (31)

Richard C. and Mona D. Johnson (32)

Ken Copeland Family Dentistry (5)

Lantz Construction Company (3)

Cathy Jackson Leitner, PLC (7)

Terry and Judy LePera (23)

Jo Ann S. Liskey (8)

Maestro, LLC (1)

James and Frances Mason (1)

Barry and Eileen McEneely (1)

Edgar L. and Carmen Strite Miller (14)

Robert and Janie Mullett (1)

Calvin R. Nichols Jr., Charitable Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of the U.S. Charitable Gift Trust (4)

Otterbein United Methodist Church (2)

Janice L. Pence (9)

Eleanor Page Price (2)

Dennis and Mary Jane Rawley (3)

Thomas D. and Jennifer L. Rea (6)

Lourdes Rhodes (5)

E. John III and Carol H. Rosenberger (7)

Dr. Edward Sandy and Pamela Grimm (4)

Al P. and Phyllis S. Saufley (6)

Schwab Charitable Fund (3)

John H. and Faye T. Sellers (15)

James R. and Mary C. Sherman (8)

Corie B. Shifflett (17)

Richard L. and Patricia N. Shoemaker (6)

Silverback Distillery (1)

Pamela Sponaugle (1)

Karl D. and Barbara B. Stoltzfus (22)

Juanita M. Taylor (38)

The GE Foundation (3)

Shannon Tierney, MD, MS, FACS (1)

Lynn and Diane Trobaugh (13)

Sallye Trobaugh (7)

Tropical Smoothie Cafe (1)

Phillip and Christina Updike (7)

Nancy Hopkins Voorhees (13)

Merv and Marlene Webb (38)

Dr. David H. and Janet T. Wendelken (8)

Richard L. and Pamela B. Wilkins (33)

1910 Cornerstone Club


5 Star Nutrition, Harrisonburg (1)

Pamela Adams (1)

Robert L. and Karma C. Adams (13)

Laura E. Adkins (7)

Elizabeth Adornato (1)

Atheer Al kawaz (1)

Raed Alaziz (1)

Raymond and Susan Albers (1)

Sarah H. Albrecht (1)

Phyllis Albrite (6)

Violet Allain (A Little Bit of Good Giving Circle)(1)

Robert E. and Linda L. Alley (3)

Dr. Steven G. and Patricia A. Alvis (1)

Ervin L. and Ann Noffsinger Anderson (7)

Larry Andrick (2)

Anonymous Crisis Reponse (1)

Arcangelo Arecchi (1)

Warren J. and Janet M. Armentrout (1)

Jane Armstrong (4)

Dennis Arthur (1)

Gail Arthur (1)

Suzanne Arthur (1)

Katie Auville (1)

Bonnie Ayers (1)

Janet Baggott (1)

Tim Ball (1)

Deborah L. Bandalos (1)

Hope N. Barb (1)

Carole Barber (1)

Larry Barber (1)

Edgar L. Barnard Jr. (14)

David A. and Karen L. Barnes (1)

John G. Barr (4)

Dr. Lou G. Bartram (1)

Sam L. Batton (5)

Beachy Arehart, PLLC (1)

Gerald W. and Carolyn L. Beam (1)

Fred W. and Lois E. Beaufait (1)

James T. Sr. and Barbara R. Begoon (17)

Joanne L. Bell (5)

Richard M. and Lenora Y. Bell (1)

Belmont Community Ruritan Club (1)

James O. and Joyce R. Benedict (1)

Kenneth G. and Linda R. Berry (11)

Ginnie Beyerler (1)

Roger L. and Sonja A. Bible (13)

Bible Holiness Church (1)

Kathy G. Billhimer (2)

Sandra Blade (1)

Dr. Andrew B. Blay (1)

William E. and Allene R. Blessing (7)

Dennis P. and Janet E. Boffo (3)

Fred and Susan Bosserman (1)

James E. Bowers (1)

John F. and Elsie L. Bowers (4)

Lawrence D. Jr. and Linda K. Bowers (1)

James O. and Sylvia K. Bowman (2)

Larry O. and Paula C. Bowman (2)

Martha F. Bradfield (3)

Nancy R. Bradfield (12)

Donald R. Jr. and Brenda S. Bradley (1)

Matt and Marianne Branigan (7)

James B. Branner (7)

Helen Breeden (1)

Jen and Ben Breeden (1)

Judith K. Breeden (2)

Victoria E. Breen (1)

Barbara Brennan (1)

Rosemary O. Brenner (1)

Bridgewater Church of the Brethren, Dwynn, Kajsa, Mary Beth (1)

Brookdate Senior Linving Inc., Harrisonburg (1)

Carol J. Brooks (16)

Emmett H. and Leola C. Brooks (5)

Martha Brooks (1)

Larry Brown (1)

Richard T. Brown (1)

Erma R. Brubaker (1)

Raymond Bruce (1)

Patricia A. Brunk (13)

Steve C. and Marian B. Buckwalter (1)

Betsy Bugg (1)

Henry F. and Catherine S. Buhl (9)

Reese Bull and Pamela Patrick (1)

Donna Burch (1)

Jason Burch (1)

Melvin and Edith Burger (1)

David L. and Elizabeth B. Burkholder (4)

Lois C. Burkholder (2)

Owen R. and Judy M. Burkholder (1)

Rodney J. and Joyce G. Burkholder (1)

Christine W. Burner (13)

Gary and Linda Burner (1)

Merrie Burruss (1)

Dr. Leslie Burt (1)

Elizabeth T. Burtner (1)

Louise R. Burtner (8)

Gregory G. and Pollyanna A. Bush (13)

Carroll E. and Billie M. Bushong (1)

Wayne R. and Beverly S. Butterfield (1)

Tammy M. Byrd (23)

Dr. Paul C. and Paula T. Caldwell (1)

Dr. William F. and Susan Cale (7)

Nancy E. Camp (2)

James C. and Adelaide J. Cannata (1)

Drs. Earl and Karen Cannon (1)

Dr. John Canter (1)

Card My Yard (1)

Mark R. and Carolyn E. Carderelli (1)

William B. Sr. and Phyllis W. Carper (39)

Ann Carr (1)

Sharon Carr, Linda Monger, Lou Kirkendall and Rebecca Arthur (1)

Larry Carroll (1)

Cynthia Cartee (1)

George F. III and Lucretia A. Carter (1)

Joseph W. and Beverley W. Carver (1)

Brenda D. Cave (9)

CDW, IT Vendor (1)

Cedar Run Church of the Brethren, Broadway (1)

Dr. Ramesh Chalam (1)

Harry L. and Marlene A. Chandler (1)

Dr. G. Edward Jr. and Elizabeth S. Chappell (8)

Richard Churchill (1)

Nancy O. Cisick (1)

Lee E. Clapper Sr. (8)

Sandra Clatterbuck (3)

John G. Clem (1)

Randy S. Clem (4)

Kyle Coleman (1)

Emanuel B. Conley Jr. (7)

Ellen Conner (1)

Lesley A. Cook (16)

Patricia S. Costie (10)

Crystal Cota (1)

Dane Cox (1)

Glenn and Leslie Crawford (5)

Linda Crawford (1)

John Crim (1)

J. Leo Crosier, M.D and Mrs. Virginia R. Crosier (1)

Cross Keys Worship (1)

Irene Cummings (1)

Dennis A. and Martha C. Cummins (7)

Dale L. and Sandra S. Cupp (2)

Jeffrey D. and Faye B. Curl (2)

Curtis Dean Family Dentistry (1)

Michael T. Daly (1)

Sue Daniels (1)

Linda A. Davis (1)

Lorraine Davis (1)

Lowell R. and Alta A. Davis (1)

Gary W. and Teresa B. Day (2)

Mensel and Linda Dean (31)

Patricia I. Deer (1)

Wanda Delaney (1)

Kenneth and Carla Delawder (1)

Betty A. Deleeuwerk (1)

Denton Family Charitable Foundation (3)

Nancy E. Deputy (2)

Donna L. Devier (1)

Matthew Di Stefano (1)

Agnes Dickerson (1)

Col. and Mrs. Peter F. Dieck (3) 

Betty Diehl (1)

Robert F. and Linda W. Dinsmore (4)

Lynn and Dave Diveley (2)

Charles and Betty Dixon (1)

Janelle Donaldson and Ms. Sue Dean (1)

Gay Donlan (1)

Phil Douglas (1)

Phillip B. DuBose (2)

Dave D. and Patricia H. Dungan (5)

John F. and Nancy B. Dunne (2)

Charles Dutt (1)

Janet L. Earhart (1)

Eastern Mennonite University (1)

Eastside Church (1)

Paulette F. Eaton (1)

Edward Jones Investments (3)

Joyce Edwards (1)

David H. and Diane C. Ehrenpreis (1)

Janet S. Einstein (14)

Steven and Terry Eiserman (1)

Elkton Middle School (1)

Chris Ellis (1)

Ronald and Vickie Elyard (1)

Tami Reid Eppard (14)

Dr. J. Robert and Rosalie Hartman Eshleman (4)

Joseph J. and Rose Marie Estock (2)

Laura Evans (1)

Douglas Eye (1)

Farm Credit of Virginia, Verona Branch (1)

John and Barbara Fast (1)

Hal C. and Saundra Sue Ferguson (11)

Carol Ann Fields (2)

First Presbyterian Church (2)

Kenneth E. Fisher (1)

Amy Fitzgerald (1)

Marsha FitzGerald (1)

Edgar A. Flora (20)

Theodore W. and Mary Beth M. Flory (6)

Larry A. and Linda J. Fogle (13)

Brenda Ford (1)

Donald E. Forren (2)

Richard D. and Glenda S. Foust (1)

Daniel F. and Debra W. Fraser (1)

Fraternal Order of Eagles New Market Auxiliary 4264 (2)

Forrest L. Frazier (18)

Tiffany French (1)

Charles J. Frye (2)

David and Rachel N. Frye (1)

Jason A. Funkhouser (1)

Gwen Gainer (1)

Mike Galang (1)

Susan S. Gallaher (3)

Charles D. and Bernice W. Garber (1)

June Garber (1)

Michael A. and Carolyn S. Gardner (4)

Norma J. Gardner (11)

Karen Garrison (1)

Susan Gatling (1)

Rick Gawlowski (1)

GE Nail Spa (1)

Dr. Linford K. and Rebecca L. Gehman (1)

Steve Gillaspie (1)

Janet K. Gillman (1)

Girl Scout Troop 89, Grottoes (1)

Girl Scouts Troop 368 (0)

Sherrill Glanzer (19)

Harry C. Jr. and Patricia K. Glenn (3)

Asela Goebel (1)

John Goff (1)

Golden China Restaurant (1)

Goodville Mutual Insurance Group (1)

Drs. William and Brooke Goodwin (6)

Joni Grady (1)

Henry B. and Dorice M. Graham (1)

Jessie Granier (1)

Keith Grant (1)

Pamela Gray (1)

Bob Green (1)

Norma L. Greenleaf (1)

David Gregory (1)

Russell T. and Mary Jane L. Gregory (1)

Larry P. and Jannie M. Greiman (1)

Karen Wood Grizzard (5)

Marilyn and Peter Guntner (1)

Joshua P. Hale and Hale Family Charitable Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust (4)

Alma C. Hale-Cooper (1)

Dr. David C. and Amelia M. Hall (10)

Tom and Ella Hall (1)

Clive Hallman (1)

Marianne F. Halterman (3)

Russell and Carla Hamblin (1)

Robert L. and Faye C. Hansbrough (7)

Alison S. Hardwick (4)

Orden L. and Reba R. Harman (13)

Randy and Donna Harper (1)

Harrisonburg Baptist Church (2)

Joan Hartzler (1)

Michael Harvey (1)

Henry E. and Loretta Z. Hawkins (1)

Stephen Hay (1)

Robert A. and Marlene A. Hazzard (8)

Paula Hearne (1)

Michael Heatwole (1)

Evelyn S. Hedrick (10)

Mary Hedrick (1)

Solomon P. and Ruby H. Hedrick (2)

Paul Heisey (1)

Jean Helmick (1)

Judith N. Henneberger (13)

Nancy and Joey Hepner (1)

Heritage Estates, Harrisonburg (1)

Robert E. and Gail L. Hess (4)

Lillam B. Hilbert (12)

James H. and Lois Hinegardner (3)

Joel and Marsha Hinkle (1)

Frank S. and Sherrel J. Hissong (12)

James E. and Carole S. Hively (1)

Delores H. Hoak (1)

Dennis W. and Shirley S. Hohenstein (3)

Eileen Hokanson (1)

Thomas J. III and Virginia C. Holden and the Holden Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County (3)

Lynn Holtzman (1)

Breck and Tom Hook (31)

Sarah Sachiko Hori (6)

Lorna Hospach (1)

Ronald M. and Linda C. B. Hotinger (4)

Kern L. and Chanda C. Houff (2)

Susanne Houghland (1)

Howard Houghton (2)

Charlotte Hoyle (1)

Lucy Hoyt (1)

Larry Hubbard (1)

William R. Hudelson (11)

Susan Huffman (1)

Lyle C. and Georgianne M. Hull (4)

Ann Gerding Hurley (3)

William Hugh and Barbara C. Hutchens (1)

Kellie and Isaac Hutchison (1)

Dr. Mac Hutson (1)

Lucas Hutton (1)

Elizabeth L. Ihle (1)

Carol James (1)

Marian C. Jameson (1)

Robert and Joyce Jellum (1)

Jimmy Johns (1)

Dr. Robert F. Jochen VMD (5)

Betsey H. Johnson (1)

J. Robert and Patricia C. Johnson (2)

Lawrence G. and Julie B. Jolly (1)

R. Fleming and Sharon W. Jones (2)

Charlton Jordan (1)

June E. Jordan (1)

Joan E. Judd (1)

Flora L. Kagey (13)

Keezletown Methodist Church Relay for Life Team (1)

Anne R. Kendrick (1)

Dr. Jeffery B. Kesecker, DDS, PLC (2)

Virgil “Rick” Keyton (1)

Susan L. Kidd (1)

Mary Kile (1)

Deborah B. Kile, DNP, RN, NE-BD (19)

Charles King (1)

Robert King (1)

Theresa King (1)

Thomas L. and Rosemary S. King (1)

Rick and Vickie Kinkead (1)

Heather Kinkead-McLeod and -JMU Engineering (1)

Heather Kirkrold (1)

Sharon S. Kisamore (1)

Camala Kite (1)

Teresa M. Kite (7)

Ian Knapp (1)

Gene E. and Ann H. Knicely (1)

Katherine H. Knicely (12)

Melonie Knicely (1)

Susan Koch (1)

Lorrie Koontz (5)

Jim and Vicki Krauss (21)

Dr. Frances Kray (3)

Joseph C. and Carol A. Kudless (8)

Margaret Kwolek (1)

Mari Kyle (1)

Elly Lafkin (1)

Letitia E. Lam (4)

Gary and Sheila Lam (33)

William O. III and Sharon A. Lam (1)

Steve and Cindy Lamb (10)

Twilla M. Lambert (5)

Caitlin Landes (1)

James V. and Lucretia M. Lane (2)

Carol Lawson (1)

Mary Louise Leake (12)

Dr. William I. and Lynda D. Lee (14)

Robert J. and Carolyn J. Leiston (13)

Stacey Leitzel (1)

Robert L. Lembright (1)

Mr. Mark Leonard (1)

Barbara J. Lewis (1)

Life Care Center of New Market (1)

Light of the World Church (1)

Judith Ligon (1)

Howard Lind and Naomi Kaiss (1)

Howard Lind and Ruby Yoder (1)

Junior L. Lineaweaver (4)

Charles E. and Cynthia A. Litten (12)

Edward and Phyllis Litton (1)

Corri Loan and Julie Pate (1)

Horst and Deborah Locher (2)

Hillary Long (1)

Wayne L. and Ann Payne Long (15)

David M. and Gladys D. Longacre (9)

William C. III and Beverly M Loomis (3)

Teresa L. Louden (5)

Joy Loving (1)

Anthony and Jeanne Lubrano (3)

Philip C. and Charlotte R. Lucas (1)

Leslie E. and Judith A. Luginbuhl (1)

Robert J. Lynch (5)

Sybil Macgill (1)

Ralph J. Magri (1)

H. L. Jr. and Mildred R. Maiden (3)

Hugh R. and Sydney B. Manley (1)

Laura S. Mapp (27)

JennaRose Mapstone (1)

David A. and Karin E. Mars (6)

Harold C. and Brenda H. Marshall (5)

Don R. and Barbara J. Martin (1)

Earl and Pat Hostetter Martin (1)

John R. and Evelyn Jost Martin (33)

Steve and Claire Martindale (1)

Charles A. and Jill A. Martorana (1)

Mashita Restaurant (1)

Julien J. and Kathi E. Mason (1)

Pamela R. Mason (2)

Patricia A. Mason (1)

Peggy G. Mason (28)

Pamela Mason and her therapy dogs (1)

Massanutten Chapter DAR (1)

Monica Mathusek (1)

Philip H. Maxwell (33)

Maribeth May (1)

Garry Maynor (1)

William G. and Nancy F. Mccann (1)

Rodney McCarter (1)

G. Richard McClung Jr. and Susan H. McClung (1)

Matthew C. McCoy (8)

Ellen B. McDorman (3)

McGaheysville Ruritan Club (1)

Warren McKeen (1)

Colonel Richard K. McNealy (16)

Drs. David K. and Charlette E. McQuilkin (6)

Michael Meffert (1)

Ann and Neal Menefee (27)

Colonel William P. and Frances A. Menefee (2)

Mill Creek Church of the Brethren New Covenant Sunday School Class (1)

Craig M. and Lois Blanch Miller (1)

Dwight E. Miller (4)

Fern Miller (1)

Janice K. Miller (7)

John F. III and Judith A. Miller (3)

Margaret (Peggy) M. Miller (22)

Mervyl L. and Linda H. Miller (3)

Karen and Mike Miller (1)

Pauline G. Miller (1)

Peggy Miller (1)

Rodney Miner (1)

Douglas Mitchem (1)

Frederick Mone (1)

Sherry L. Mongold (9)

Dr. Gregory F. and Karen Montgomery (1)

Montivideo Middle School (1)

John E. Moore (15)

John Robert Moore (1)

Margie L. Moore (14)

Moorefield Elementary School (1)

Ann Morris (1)

Terry Morris (1)

Dr. A. Glenn and Linda M. Morrison (3)

John W. Morrow and Alaina J. Henry (1)

Douglas J. and Lori B. Moyer (4)

Karen Moyers (1)

Leonard Moyers (1)

Eugene and Pam Moyers (1)

Susan K. Moyers (1)

Douglas J. and Yvette M. Munnikhuysen (8)

Charles M. and Rebecca C. Munse (1)

Danielle Murrie-Robinson (1)

Kristen Myers (1)

R. Wayne Myers (1)

Peggy W. Nagel (1)

Foelke D. Nair (27)

Alan Neckowitz (1)

Chip Neese (1)

Georgia Nelson (1)

Kevin and Jenifer Nesselrodt (1)

Darlene L. Newman (7)

James and Virginia Newman (1)

Larry Newman (1)

Kevin and Jerrica Nixon (1)

Janis Norton (1)

Ruth Oates (1)

William and Jeannie O’Brien (1)

Dan and Gail O’Donnell (27)

Cody and Eugene Oliver (1)

Chris and Sarah Orem (2)

Rick and Sue Orem (1)

Renee A. Ours (5)

George and Ann Pace (2)

Lt. Col. Frank G. Padilla USAF (Ret.) (7)

Mobley Padilla (1)

Park View Federal Credit Union Mortgage Department (1)

Eugenia E. Parker (12)

Jane Parker (5)

Edward C. and Carol L. Parks (12)

Stephen A. and Shirley L. Parsons (2)

Charles Pascale (1)

Joshua R. and Julia L. Pate (1)

Deborah J. Pavay-Thompson (1)

Elizabeth Pazur (1)

Clement C. III and Carolyn S. Pearce (1)

Edward and Beth Pease (1)

Owen C. Pence (8)

Tom Pender (1)

Drs. Zack and Judith Perdue (1)

Philip and Karen Perkins (1)

Dany and Mary Perramond (1)

Thomas A. and Daille G. Pettit (11)

Richard A. and Judith A. Phillippi (1)

Julie A. Pierantoni (2)

Richard G. and Annie L Pierce (9)

Debbie Pine (1)

Carolyn Piner and Wes Conley (1)

Orlando A. and Eloise E. Pinneri (8)

Sheryl Powers (1)

Deborah M. Proctor (1)

Kenneth B. Jr. and Linda J. Propst (1)

S. Walton Propst (3)

Betty H. Puffenbarger (1)

Qdoba Mexican Grill (1)

R & G Services and Joshua Wilton House (1)

John E. and Jean L. Ralston (2)

A. Kenneth and Mildred L. Ranck (5)

Mark Rankin (1)

Tim Reamer (1)

Patra H. Reed (7)

David and Elizabeth P. Reedy (1)

Kenneth and Phyllis Reeves (1)

Dr. Harold F. III and Donna S. Reilly (14)

William Reinhold (1)

Barbara A. Reisner (1)

Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc. (1)

David and Janet Reser (1)

Eleanor S. Rexrode (20)

Dewayne C. Rhodes (1)

Janice Simmers Rhodes (1)

Roxanne Rhodes (3)

Susan L. Rhodes (1)

James B. Richardson Jr. (12)

Jay B. Richardson (1)

Dr. Alexander V. Rilling (3)

Lynn F. Riner (3)

Deborah Ritchie (1)

Jane W. Ritchie (1)

Robbie Roberts (1)

Lori L. Robinson (1)

Patricia L. Robinson (1)

Marci J. Rockhold (2)

Charles W. and Patsy C. Rodeffer (2)

John E. Rodes (10)

Verna A. Rodes (1)

Ronald W. and Mary Ellen Rohrbaugh (10)

Jennifer Rohrer (1)

Thomas R. and Laura R. Rosazza (1)

Lori and Lee Rosen (1)

Gary Ruckman (1)

Dawn Ruple (1)

Jon Ryley for AW (1)

S & R Auto Service, LLC (4)

Pat Sacra (1)

Winifred Salyards (1)

Jacqueline Sammon (1)

Jim Sanders (1)

Lara E. Sapp (1)

Laurence and Evelyn Sauder (15)

William Saunders (1)

Garland R. and Denise L. Sawyer (1)

Janice Scanlan (1)

Richard and Jean T. Schaeffer (1)

Doris Schinke (1)

Bradley L. and Jayne P. Schlabach (1)

Richard Schlabach (1)

Noralyn J. Schulte (3)

Joyce M. Schumacher (20)

Katherine Schwartz (1)

Elizabeth V. Scott (1)

Robert S. and Patricia M. Scott (2)

Kathryn K. Scripture (17)

Ralph L. and Ann W. Sebrell (10)

Donald W. Seese (7)

Select Sires (1)

Elaine Senn (1)

Sentara College of Health Sciences (1)

Sentara RMH Infant Photo Commission (2)

Lucy J. Seymour (11)

David W. Shaffer Jr. (4)

Frank B. and Shirley S. Shakespeare (11)

Donald R. and Linda R. Shanholtzer (1)

Ronald and Janice Shanholtzer (5)

Jerry D. Shank (1)

Oren W. and Janet S. Shank (1)

Penny Sharpe (1)

Joann Shaver (1)

Sharon Shears (1)

Robert Shehane (1)

Dr. Jonathan D. and Sheryl L. Shenk (7)

Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church (2)

Page Shields (1)

Denise Dean Shifflett (1)

Lori Ann Shifflett (2)

William J. Shilling (2)

Richard L. and Shirley M. Shimp (5)

Alton K. and Helen W. Shipe (8)

Jennifer and Aaron Shirkey (2)

Glennys Shouey (1)

James M. and Carol S. Showalter (22)

James R. and Lisa N. Showalter (1)

Mark C. Jr. and Dorothy S. Showalter (1)

Becky Shreckhise (1)

Ryan Silver (1)

Dennis F. and Judy R. Simmons (3)

Simply Farm to Table/Katie Auville (1)

T. Edgar and Zizi C. Sipe (12)

Pattye L. Sites (1)

Patricia Skeins (1)

Marvin T. and Sarah A. Slabaugh (4)

Fred A. and Brenda V. Smiley (4)

Ilene N. Smith (38)

Jack and Mary L. Smith (1)

Jeff Smith (1)

Victor J. II and Cheryl B. Smith (12)

Wendy Smith and Janice Funk (1)

Joanne Smith-Knauf (1)

Debbie Snider (1)

Gene C. and Josephine G. Snyder (1)

Brandy Sollenberger (5)

R. Allen Somers (1)

Edward L. and Janet C. Sonifrank (1)

Margaret G. Sparks (1)

Rita M. Spitler (1)

Neese and Alma Spitzer (2)

Selah Sprinkel (1)

Dr. Kimberly St. Jean and Mr. John Kwak (1)

Sarah Stallard (1)

Starbucks (1)

Richard Stees (1)

Linda Stenger (1)

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Stenson (1)

Roy H. Stetler III (4)

Ramona Stevens (1)

James E. and Kay B. Stilwell (1)

Ron Stimers (1)

Phillip C. Stone (1)

Stanley T. Stone (19)

Edna W. Stoner (1)

William G. and Hope Shank Stoner (15)

William L. and Louise K. Stover (9)

Alfred L. Strawderman (5)

Esther J. Strawderman (13)

Richard L. and Joyce K. Strawderman (13)

India R. Strickler (3)

Lorraine Warren Strickler (1)

Robert Strickler (1)

L. Gerald and Sharon M. Strite Fund of The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County (1)

Rodney and Ruth Stultz (12)

Andrea Styron (1)

Stanley H. and Norma H. Suter (1)

Fred G. Sutherland (9)

Jeremy Swiney (1)

Maryann Taliaferro (1)

Fidel Taparra (1)

Eric Taylor (1)

Joe Taylor (1)

Linda L.Taylor (12)

Louise Temple, JMU Faculty member (1)

The Cracked Pillar (1)

Kennneth Lee Thomas Jr. and J. Faye Hoover-Thomas (8)

Debra D. Thompson (31)

Ernestine C. Thompson (1)

Karen E. Thomsen (1)

Patti Tice (1)

Reverend James M. and Judith A. Tongue (3)

Laura Toni-Holsinger and Brent Holsinger (1)

Shela Torrance (1)

Katherine Trammell (1)

Gilbert S. Trelawny (20)

Janet Trettner (1)

David P. and Lela P. Trimble (1)

Todd Trivett (1)

Gregory S. and Ann B. Trobaugh (10)

Madge K. Trobaugh (2)

Truck Enterprises Inc. (2)

Kristine Tuckerman (1)

Donald D. Turner (33)

Franklin and Sharon Tusing (1)

Janette R. Tusing (5)

Sherwin and Sandy Tusing (39)

United Way of South Hampton Roads (2)

Valley Muslin Community Foundation, VMCF (1)

Valley Pike Farm Market (1)

Carolyn S. Van Dyck (4)

William and Suzanne Vance (5)

Elizabeth Marie VanMeter (3)

R. Jay and Cynthia C. Veenis (2)

Dr. T. Keith and Terri Vest (5)

Leland and Joanne Voth (1)

Jill Wade (1)

Wylie E. and Diane Walton (28)

Vanessa Walts (1)

Faye Wampler (1)

Rick and Joyce Wampler (21)

Carroll Ward (1)

Kenneth L. and Joan W. Ward (1)

Benjamin P. Warren (1)

David A. and Diane L. Warren (2)

Lyn Simmons Weaver (1)

Wallace W. and Mary Alice Weaver (9)

Jeneane Webster (1)

Henry G. Jr. and Ferne M. Wenger (13)

J. Lowell Wenger and Janet J. Wenger (1)

Linda B. West (2)

Richard West (1)

Randall Wheaton (1)

Rich Whelden (1)

Jon D. and Karen S. Whetzel (1)

Chris and Cindy Whitelock (1)

Denise A. Whitman (17)

John A. and Diane K. Whitson (1)

Alfred B. and Dottie S. Whitt (1)

Dr. C. Larry and Kathryn Whitten (2)

Sarah H. Wichael (2)

Mr. David and Dr. Karen Wigginton (3)

Robert and Judith Wildman (5)

Roberta (Robbie) and Robert K. Wilkins (13)

John R. Wilkinson (2)

Louie Z. Will (8)

Steven G. and Jo Ann Will (1)

Charles and Carolyn Williams (1)

David C. and Barbara W. Williams (1)

Garland J. and Shelvy Williams (10)

Shirley Williams (1)

Carolyn Wilson (1)

Nancy Wilson (1)

Linda T. Wilt (11)

Judie Wine (1)

Mary Ann and Roger Winegard (1)

Wishing Well, Harrisonburg (1)

Ltc. Charles V., USA (RET) and Stephanie S. Wollerton (1)

Johan Wolmarans (1)

Bryan Wood (1)

Gary Wright (1)

Thomas Wright Jr. (1)

Fredd Wynn (7)

Ann Rice Yager (3)

Nevin and Sarah Yoder (1)

LTC Charles D. Young (3)

Dr. Gary A. and Lulubelle A. Ziegler (1)

Elena Zimmerman (1)

Katherine M. Zimmerman (1)

Robbie Jean Zirkle (13)

Totsie Ellen Zirkle (2)

White Rose 

Giving Circle


Violet Allain (1)

Teresa B. Anders (11)

Martha K. Ross (9)

Ann J. Bird (3)

Linda Heatwole Bland (8)

Jennifer M. Bolt (5)

Sharon S. Bowers (10)

Nancy B. Bradfield (29)

Eleanor M. Campbell (11)

Maryjane Chewning (6)

Sherry B. Cline (23)

Phyllis Y. Coulter (9)

Diane C. Davis (28)

Denton Family Charitable Foundation (3)

Lynn Diveley (13)

Gayle Hatcher Driver (5)

Sallie E. Funkhouser (15)

Patsy K. Garber (6)

Juanita H. Gibson (4)

Betsy Heatwole Glendye (8)

Zanette Hahn (5)

Mary Henderson (38)

Cary Hevener (16)

Ann E. C. Homan (19)

Ruby K. Hostetler (3)

Louise Otto Hostetter (13)

Mona D. Johnson (32)

Dawn F. Kern (5)

Vicki Krauss (21)

Twilla M. Lambert (5)

Susan J. Lawrence (4)

Brenda J. Lenhart (20)

Jo Ann S. Liskey (8)

Beverly T. MacLeod (7)

Kara A. Marshall (11)

Carmen Strite Miller (14)

Margaret (Peggy) M. Miller (22)

Rebecca W. Morris (31)

Lori B. Moyer (4)

Alyce U. Nardi (3)

Nancy B. Nichols (12)

Gloria B. Price (21)

Carrie Rash (3)

Pamela Grimm (4)

Shirley M. Shimp (5)

Patricia N. Shoemaker (6)

Fran C. Smith (2)

Ilene N. Smith (38)

Barbara B. Stoltzfus (22)

Hope Shank Stoner (15)

Sharon M. Strite (1)

Diane E. Trobaugh (13)

Sallye Trobaugh (7)

Christina Updike (7)

Nancy Hopkins Voorhees (13)

Valerie S. Weaver (8)

Denise A. Whitman (17)

Dr. Karen Wigginton (3)

Annual Support


Linda N. Adams (1)

Isobel B. Ailles (1)

Donald Aittama (1)

David E. and Gloria W. Alger (1)

Ruth K. Alger (1)

Jassim Aljabar (1)

Abdulwahhab Altumah (1)

Garland R. Jr. and Carol D. Anderson (1)

John E. and Betty L. Anderson (1)

Bonnie Andrade (1)

Adrien Arguin (1)

Robert P. Armbruster (2)

Jean Anne Armstrong (13)

Rebecca Arthur (1)

Charles G. III and Naoko H. Aschmann (1)

John H. and Wilma E. Bain (1)

Anthony W. and Katherine M. Baker (1)

Carolyn M. Baker (2)

Dr. Janice S. Barton (1)

Janet D. and Frank J. Basye (1)

Dr. Caitlin Batchelor, DDS, PC (2)

Mary Bazzle (1)

Ronald D. Beebe and Diane Triggs-Beebe (1)

Joyce Benedict (1)

Jeffrey L. and Beth A. Berg (1)

Ralph N. Bergdoll (4)

The Tana Bernard Family (1)

Linda M. Bigler (1)

Belmont H. Biller (1)

Richard L. Jr. and Becky H. Blackwell (1)

Adam and Christina Blagg (6)

Bryan A. and Loretha J. Bland (19)

Judith Adler Bland (4)

Loretta M. Blank (1)

Lois G. Blosser (1)

Darrell and Elizabeth Ann Bodkin (1)

Vyacheslav Bondarev (1)

Shirley A. Bosley (1)

Delores F. Bowers (1)

Dennis R. and Phoebe T. Bowman (1)

Doris W. Bowman (1)

Jill Bowman (4)

Judy E. Bowman (1)

Douglas C. Bradley (1)

Linda M. Bradley (1)

Roberta D. Branigan (5)

Rodney A. and Patricia D. Branson (7)

Anita H. Brechtel (2)

Alfred and Delma Brenneman (4)

Charlotte M. Brown (6)

Dwayne Brown (1)

Ethel M. Brown (2)

Joseph R. and Doris J. Brown (1)

Sally Brown (1)

Harold D. and Fay K. Brubaker (3)

K. Sharon Brunk (1)

John D. and Sharon C. Bucher (5)

Jenny and Jared Burden (1)

Erin Burke (1)

Terry and Shurline Burns (1)

Dan Burtner Jr. (1)

Thomas L. Jr. and Carroll P. Buskirk (3)

Betty Jane Callahan (2)

Bruce A. and Charlotte M. Campbell (1)

M. Frances Campbell (1)

Theodore and Anna B. Campbell (1)

Carla’s Leomonade Stand (1)

Joseph P. and Akiko Carniglia (14)

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Carr Jr. (1)

Craig Chandler (1)

Robert L. and Catherine L. Chapman (1)

Richard G. and Claudia J. Childs (5)

Ae Kyung Chong (1)

Al and Susan Clague (2)

Joyce L. Clem (1)

Chester D. and Shelby J. Click (1)

Carolyn G. Cline (11)

Cynthia D. Cline (1)

James R. and Margaret E. Cline (2)

Julie Cochrane (3)

George Mac and Nancy M. Coffman (1)

Christine M. Cole (1)

Kimberly A. Collier and Bruce A. Benishek (1)

Dr. Zachary and Kristen Collier (2)

Crystal Collins (5)

Clara Jean Comer (5)

Ida F. Comer (5)

Barbara M. Conger (1)

William and Laura Conklin (1)

Harold Cook (9)

The Copeland Family (1)

William B. Jr. and Patricia A. Corley (3)

Linda R. Covington (2)

Elsie M. Cox (3)

Crab Run Church of the Brethren (1)

Beatrice B. Crantz (1)

Judy Ann Craun (2)

Jack R. and Pat A. Crouch (1)

Madylin B. Croy (2)

James G. and Ellen J. Cruickshank (1)

Carroll L. and Dianna L. Cubbage (4)

Cummings Family (1)

Barbara E. Currence (5)

Erik Dart (1)

Gabriella, Vincent, Dominic and Theodore (1)

Gail A. Davis (1)

Steve and Niki Davis (1)

Warren E. Davis Jr. (3)

Emerson L. Deitz (4)

Geraldine Delazzari (1)

Dennis and Lou Dellinger (1)

Caryl Devers (1)

Dale M. and Lula Belle Dodrill (1)

Domino’s Pizza, Broadway (1)

Ronald L. and Donna Weakley Dove (1)

Gloria J. Dovel (1)

Hugh Dundlin (1)

John and Nancy Dunyak (1)

Dennis and Adele Durost (2)

Juanita A. Durrett (13)

Betty H. Earman (1)

Richard and Miriam Eichlin (2)

Jeffrey M. and Darlene W. Elliott (1)

Alexander Escarzaga (1)

B. Earl and Cheryl K. Eshbach (8)

Judith B. Espinoza (1)

Joseph M. Evy (3)

Glen O. and Barbara Sue Eye (3)

Philip K. and Connie D. Fauber (4)

Fred A. and Deborah J. Faught (2)

Nancy Faulkner (3)

George W. and Catherine Ann Fiel (1)

Barry and Sheila Fielding (1)

T. Windsor and Kathi G. Fields (1)

Jose Sanchez Flores (1)

Ray H. and Ruth C. Floyd (2)

J. C. Jr. and Betty B. Foltz (2)

Albert M. and Joan T. Ford (1)

Wanda Foster (2)

Brenda W. G. Fox (1)

Faina Fozumova (1)

Stuart French (1)

Betty B. Fridley (1)

Jackie Funkhouser (1)

Robert and Corinne Gaines (1)

Mario S. Galang (1)

Jane L. Garber (1)

Khalil Garriott (1)

Freda C. Garst (8)

Diane A. Gasper (6)

Danny H. and Cordia George (3)

Howard Wayne and Sallie A. George (1)

Laura I. Gett (1)

Ronald W. and Velda J. Gilkeson (1)

Zachery Golloway (1)

Al Good (1)

E. Richard and Wanda L. Good (3)

James M. Good (2)

Michael A. and Deborah W. Good (15)

Richard and Joan Goodrich (2)

Daniel W. and Bette M. Goodson (13)

Ramniklal J. and Vijayaben R. Goradia (1)

John R. (Bob) and Esther C. Gordon (1)

James A. and Barbara B. Gouldin (1)

Alice M. Graves (4)

Carrie Gray (1)

Donna Ellean Gray (1)

Mary S. Gray (3)

David A. Greene Sr. (2)

William and Nancy Hain (1)

Trenna M. Haislop (1)

Brenda Hall (1)

Franklin D. Hamme (1)

Raymond G. Hand (2)

John A. Harless (1)

Thomas E. III and Kay F. Harris (1)

Harrisonburg Health and Rehab Center (1)

Betty I. Haslacker (2)

Anita H. Heath (1)

Harold K. and Louise B. Heaton (1)

Ray L. Heatwole (2)

George and Betty Heavner (1)

Jerry R. and Phyllis M. Heavner (1)

Harry E. and Mary Jane Hedlund (3)

Joyce Coryell Hedrick (1)

Nancy R. Heisey (5)

Matt and Betsy Henderson (1)

Sharon Lynne Henderson (1)

Anna F. Herring (1)

Gary and Mary Higgs (1)

Harry N. Jr. and Kerry C. Hill (2)

James R. II and Harriet Z. Hiner (1)

Robert S. and Dorothy M. Hiner (1)

James W. and Joan M. Hitt (1)

Barbara E. Hoffman (1)

Mary A. Holler (2)

Mrs. Wilda (Wampler) Holsinger (1)

Russell and Kay Horn (1)

Greta Dolores Hottinger (1)

Mattie L. Howell (1)

Dennis R. and Becky W. Huffer (1)

Jerry L. and Betty J. Huffman (2)

Julia K. Huffman (1)

Douglas Hughes (3)

Robert A. and Lillian G. Hughes (1)

Richard A. and Linda J. Humbert (12)

David S. and Patricia R. Hunter (2)

William J. Jr. and Catherine G. Hunter (12)

Paul and Carol Ignosh (1)

Khadijah I. Islam (1)

Linda H. Jacobs (1)

Anna F. Jefferies (1)

Johnna L. Johnson (6)

Louise A. Johnson (1)

Cathy S. Jones (1)

Diana L. Jones (1)

Bill and Linda Jordan (1)

Georgianna H. Joseph (1)

Patricia S. Judd (3)

Paul E. and Shirley K. Judd (2)

Phillip W. and Michele M. Judd (1)

Deborah J. Juhasz (1)

Phillip H. Kedrowski (1)

Larry F. and Judith Kertcher (3)

Kevin’s Car Wash (1)

Vilay and Deuane Khamphavong (1)

Lorraine L. Kimble (3)

Kindred Hospice Care (1)

David R. and Teresa Wolfe King (3)

Mary J. King (1)

Stephen King (1)

David C. Kleiner (1)

Thomas R. and Lula Belle Kline (1)

Brenda S. Knicely (1)

Nelda Knicely (1)

Steve and Kay Knickrehm (1)

Danny K. Knight (1)

John F. and Terry I. Knight (1)

Betty Jane Knighton (4)

Richard A. and Barbra J. Knupp (6)

Kenneth B. Koontz (1)

Stephen J. and Brenda S. Korfanty (1)

Stephen J. and Susan J. Kozup (1)

William A. and Carole H. Kreowski (3)

Nathaniel C. Jr. and Mary Jane Krkland (1)

Troy E. Kurtz (6)

Julie Laffey (3)

Elsie H. Lambert (1)

Leroy C. and Bonnie P. Lancaster (1)

Cheryl Lantz (1)

Oscar and Linda Larson (1)

Gloria S. Lawson (1)

Robert T. and Helen L. Layton (3)

Jerry O. and Daisy D. Leake (12)

Kaye F. Leake (1)

Sandra L. Leap (2)

Denise Lee (1)

Ramona B. Leeth (1)

Gerald R. Lehman (1)

John P. and Barbara Moyer Lehman (14)

Rich and Micheline Lehman (3)

Barbara Lewis (1)

Gordon and Karyl Lewis (1)

Judy M. Lindamood (12)

Gail Link (1)

Carroll T. Lisle (1)

Bette S. Logan (1)

Cristy L. Long (1)

Gary Lee Long and Shirley Hayes-Long (1)

Harold and Doris Long (1)

Harry E. and Virginia L. Long (14)

Jeanette G. Long (22)

John M. and Kristine K. Long (1)

Pat Long (2)

Terry D. and Linda M. Looney (2)

George T. and Barbara K. Lott (1)

Vunly Luangrarj (5)

William B. and Mary Ludwick (1)

John T. Jr. and Joyce G. Lyon (3)

Susanne E. MacGall (1)

Paul A. and Melissa H. Malabad (1)

Troy Martin (1)

Virginia M. Martin (1)

William S. and Sally A. Martin (3)

Jerry Marvin (1)

Marie Masincup (1)

Lareth L. May (9)

Patricia L. May (1)

William F. and Rebecca T. May (1)

Clifford B. and Sarah K. McAlister (1)

Mable S. McCullough (1)

Leonard W. and Elaine N. McDorman (2)

J. Harry and Betty D. McElroy (1)

Betty M. McGahey (3)

Walter P. McNett (1)

Evelyn McPhee (1)

Calvin E. and Sandra F. Meadows (3)

Debra K. Meadows (1)

Frances A. Meadows (1)

Sally B. Meeth (5)

William G. and Nancy H. Mellin (4)

Doris K. Metzler (3)

Elmer W. and Violet J. Metzler (2)

Courtland and John Meyer (3)

Brenda K. Michael (1)

Charles W. Michael (4)

Jo Ann Michael (1)

Charles E. and Bonnie S. Miller (6)

Frances Sue Miller (3)

Garry W. and Peggy R. Miller (2)

Michael and Lori Miller (1)

Thomas and Sylvia Miller (3)

Wayne E. and Carolyn H. Miller (4)

Philip E. Mims (1)

Diane O. Mincey (11)

J. Gerald and Esther Minskoff (1)

Celia M. Mitchell (1)

Charles E. and Barbara A. Mitchell (1)

Lynn E. and Carolyn B. Mohler (1)

Louis and Kathryn Mole (2)

Howard R. and Cheryl J. Montaigne (1)

Shelia A. Moorman (8)

Nancy L. Moran (2)

Michael A. and Julia A. Moretti (5)

Harold R. and Betty L. Morris (2)

Stacey R. Morris (24)

Everett O. and Shirley Mowbray (1)

Donald L. and Marie I. Moyer (1)

Carroll A. and Lois S. Moyers (1)

Charles and Ruth Mullins (1)

John J. Jr. and Linda W. Myers (3)

Donald L. Nelson (1)

Eileen S. Nelson (12)

Sheryl L. Newkirk (1)

Eddie Ney and Margee Greenfield-Ney (1)

Evelyn G. Nice (3)

Gregory L. and Bonnie C. Nicholas (1)

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard A. Nies (1)

Epifania Nunez (8)

Helen Kafer O’Hear (1)

Gloria Ottariano and Greg Stewart (1)

P.E.O. Education Group of Harrisonburg (1)

Joan M. Painter (6)

Ormond S. Painter (6)

Paixao Family (1)

Arthur E. Parente (4)

Laban Peachey (9)

Donald and Marilyn Pedersen (1)

Marilyn Pederson (1)

Larry S. and Mandy D. Pence (2)

Tammy D. Pence (9)

Barbara Penney (1)

Cdr. and Mrs. David J. Perault (6)

Melissa Perritt (1)

John R. and Ruby K. Petersheim (3)

Betty J. Petties-Robinson (1)

John R. and Virginia H. Phalen (9)

Kevin and Sivilay Phengsitthy (2)

Charleen C. Pinnell (3)

Rebecca H. Powell (1)

Bobby E. Prophet (21)

Yvonne J. Prophet (2)

Philip S. and Elizabeth W. Radcliffe (1)

John W. and Mary Ellen Rader (1)

Charles R. Raisner (1)

Rafael and Kimberly D. Ramirez (1)

Mahendrakumar I. and Naynaben M. Rana (1)

Gary Reedy (1)

John and Cindy Reeves (1)

Richard M. Reeves (3)

Restoration in Christ Ministries (1)

Tom and Karen Reznik (1)

Betty L. Ritchie (1)

Wanda B. Ritchie (1)

Ruth Rittenhouse (1)

Charles T. and Joann C. Rittenour (1)

RMH Foundation (2)

Mark E. and Barbara C. Roberts (1)

Robert E. Roberts (1)

Roberts Home Medical (1)

Mai C. Robertson (1)

Rockingham Coop, Bridgewater (1)

Darrell Rodeffer (1)

Barbara B. Roderick (1)

Drs. Arthur H. Jr. and Sylvia P. Rogers, Ph.D (5)

Helen C. Rohrbaugh (19)

Louise V. Rohrer (1)

Martha J. Rohrer (6)

Beatrice R. Rolon (1)

Judith D. Roop (13)

Lindsey Rosson (1)

Rodney M. and Linda J. Roussy (1)

Irene C. Ruddle (2)

Jimmy D. and Nancy J. Russell (2)

Travis W. and Linda S. Ryan (1)

J. Wilson and Cynthia V. Ryman (1)

Clifford R. Sandridge (1)

William D. and Joan B. Sanger (1)

Roger L. and Ann T. Saylor (1)

Charles F. and Linda S. Scheimreif (1)

Phyllis J. Schell (1)

Ursula Schlegel (3)

Elyse Schuman (1)

Donna J. Scott (1)

Cora C. Scruggs (3)

Vivian D. Seal (1)

Katherine M. Seaton (1)

Phillip M. Jr. and Betty J. Secrist (1)

Phyllis Seekford (2)

Susan A. Shank (1)

William N. Shawger Jr. (5)

Nelson W. and Martha S. Sheets (4)

George A. and Janet L. Sheffer (1)

Detra S. Shell-Smith (1)

James A. and Eileen M. Shenk (6)

Teresa Shenk-Stuart (2)

Douglas W. and Kathy K. Shifflett (1)

Larry and Kay Shiflett (1)

Harry L. Shoemaker (11)

Bruce S. and Mary L. Short (1)

E. C. and Ruth C. Showalter (1)

Melvin E. Showalter (1)

Orva L. Showalter (1)

Dr. Beverly P. Silver (11)

Lannie S. and Helen G. Simmons (1)

Thomas G. and Nancy K. Simmons (4)

Delbert Slater (13)

Lynn and Audrey Slaven (1)

Hobart and Barbara Smith (1)

L. Ronald and Bonnie V. Smith (2)

Ross L. and Mary E. Smith (1)

Samuel J. and Stanna Smith (1)

William and Marianne Smith (1)

Billy D. and Sharon W. Smitherman (1)

Kara B. Smoker (16)

Robert F. and Cynthia K. Snipes (1)

John and Kelly Snow (1)

Anil and Shaila Solanki (1)

Marion Spain (1)

Brenda A. Spencer (1)

Jennifer Spensieri (1)

Connie L. Spitzer (1)

James A. and Barbara J. Stader (1)

Jayne M. Stargel (1)

Virginia J. Steeber (14)

Arlene Stetson (1)

Florence G. Stevens (1)

Kathleen V. Stoneberger (11)

Stonewall Jackson Inn B & B (1)

Dean Stuart (1)

Raymond W. and Patricia S. Studwell (1)

Walter G. and Carolyn J. Supinger (1)

Jay M. and Geneva E. Suter (1)

Duane and Joanna Swartley (1)

Pamela Swartley (1)

Dr. Asa R. and Jean F. Talbot (2)

Yvonne Hooke Taylor (1)

Virginia S. Terry (1)

Doris H. Thompson (1)

Jeffrey H. and Janet S. Thompson (1)

Roma Jo Thompson (6)

Ann Thompson-Haas (1)

Tony and Susan Tomasello (5)

Nancy De Los Angeles Torres (3)

Jacqueline G. Towers (31)

Mary Tuck-Miller (1)

Raymond W. Tusing (10)

Cammie Tutwiler (1)

Kevin M. and Mary E. Tysinger (1)

Marilyn Urbanowicz (1)

Donald L. and Ginger B. Usry (3)

UVA Encompass Health Rehab Hospital (1)

Thomas H. and Catherine E. Vann (1)

William M. Jr. and Judy S. Vaughan (3)

VMRC (1)

John C. and Paula M. Volentine (1)

Roger and Judy von Seldeneck (1)

Stephanie A. Wasta (1)

Ursula H. Watson (2)

Carole W. Weaver (1)

Ceci D. Weaver (9)

Dorothy M. Weaver (1)

James R. and Susan C. Weaver (1)

Vesta M. Weaver (4)

T. B. and M. B. Webster (2)

Melvin R. and Julia K. Wenger (3)

Orpha R. Wenger (1)

David L. and Jeanne M. Wenos (1)

Jeff Werner (1)

Janet M. Westfall (1)

Esther C. Whetzel (1)

Ro Sun Whetzel (1)

Selma C. Whitaker (1)

Tom Whitaker (1)

Joseph M. and Patricia F. White (2)

Louise A. White (12)

Portia H. Wilkins (1)

Leroy G. and June B. Williams (8)

Richard L. and Donna D. Williams (1)

James Michael and Jane H. Wilson (1)

Kenneth M. Wilson Jr. (1)

Anna B. Wimer (6)

Edna Blair Wine (1)

Gary Wise (1)

withSimplicity, LLC (1)

Samuel A. and Florence B. Witmer (1)

Carolyn A. Wolters (1)

Rebecca L. Wong (1)

Betty B. Wood (1)

Steven D. Wood (1)

Mark C. and Margaret L. Wooten (1)

Bennie W. and Sharon E. Wratchford (1)

Richard S. and Margaret M. Wurst (5)

Georgeanna H. Wymer (1)

Jack, Jane, Jonathan and Daniel Yokum (1)

Donald and Margie Zimmerman (5)

Susan F. Zirkle (3)

Anatoliy A. and Olga I. Zudilin (2)

Memorial Gifts

Leon Armentrout

Donald L. and Ginger B. Usry

Thomas Baggott

Janet Baggott

David E. Batman

Linda B. West

Mitch and Mark Baugher

Victor and Phyllis Morrison

Juanita Hopkins Voorhees

Nancy Hopkins Voorhees

Wilda Billhimer

Jean’s Fellowship Bible Study

Edward “Chip” Lee Boyers

Dana Dewing

Stephen O. and Barbara Dawn H. Fisher

Darrell and Susan Hensley

Barbara J. Snyder

Dr. Cecil D. Bradfield

Nancy R. Bradfield

Peggy Bradford

Jay and Connie Coffman

Anna H. Branner

James B. Branner

E. Melvin Browning

Jeffrey D. and Faye B. Curl

J. Allen Brubaker

Erma R. Brubaker

Don W. Brunk

Patricia A. Brunk

Barbara Buhl

Keith S. and Denise R. Atkins

C. Ray and Patricia W. Barrier

Henry F. and Catherine S. Buhl

Gary W. and Teresa B. Day

Bruce A. and Rebecca J. Kipps

J. Robert and Marjorie B. Moore

Louie Z. Will

Dr. L. Daniel Burtner

Louise R. Burtner

Tracy Carson

Michael Carson

Rena Cavicchi

Michael and Violet Allain

Richard West

Dean Suter Clatterbuck

M. E. Conner

Dean Suter Clatterbuck

Frances C. Gapp

Peter R. and Carol A. Hughes

Madeline L. Pimenta

Charles W. and Patsy C. Rodeffer

E. John III and Carol H. Rosenberger

The Rotary Club of New Market

Eugene Coakley

Nelson and Linda Simmons

Cornelia Coronel

Jeff Smith

Lia Coronel

Officers and Employees of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Janet Crafford

Mae M. Corral

Mildred F. Branner

Richard D. Davis

Diane C. Davis

Lewis T. Dean

Homer and Janice Whetzel

J. William Dellinger and Virginia R. Dellinger

Shirley L. Dellinger

Eleanore Kennedy DeMaio

William G. and Hope Shank Stoner

Heinz Dieck

Col. and Mrs. Peter F. Dieck

Mary K. Dove

Norma C. Bowman

Mary Katherine Dove

Robert E. and M. Jean Driver

Gladys and Browniie Driver

Sharon S. Kisamore

Roger Finan Sr.

Pamela Barker and “Undecided Readers”

Roger Finan Sr.

Lesley Dexter

Victoria Elaine Ford

Woodrow W. and Linda R. Carr

Lattisa M. Evelsizer

Richard F. and Zona M. Fotter

William Hugh and Barbara C. Hutchens

Keezletown Methodist Church Relay For Life Team

H. Paul and Betty Jo Obaugh

Tammy S. Obaugh

Edith Gallaher

Susan S. Gallaher

Ruby Angeline Gallalee

Edward R. and Nancy K. Gallalee

Dr. Joseph E. Gardner and Janet L. Gardner

Dr. Steven E. and Kathryn J. Gardner

George E. Gilmer

Richard Churchill

Kinley and Cheryl Comer

Russell and Carla Hamblin

Richard Ling

Ron and Barbara Little

R. Larry Martin

Joseph ‘Bill’ Goheens Jr.

Robert and Judith Wildman

Robert L. Halterman

Marianne F. Halterman

Dr. and Mrs. John B. Harrington, my wife’s parents

Frederick A. and Alice H. Davino

Vivian and F. H. Harrison

Robert and Kathryn Manley

Ruth Heatwole

Anne W. Nielsen

John Steven Hensley Sr.

Jo Anne Dean

Violet Hensley

Linda A. Davis

Terry D. King

Paul Herald

Community Mission Church of the Brethren

John W. Cummings

Emily Hill

Eddie Ney and Margee Greenfield-Ney

Al P. and Phyllis S. Saufley

James F. Hoak

Delores H. Hoak

Jonathan Hofstetter

Mervyl L. and Linda H. Miller

Joyce E. Horst

A. Kenneth and Mildred L. Ranck

Russell E. Huffman Jr.

Allen and Nancy Barr

Saint Michaels Church Council of Lay Life & Work

Darwin C. and Kathryn E. Simmons

Cathy Hughes

Merv and Marlene Webb

Robert Hurley

Ann Gerding Hurley

William Jamison

Polly A. Jamison

Janet Mae Jordan

Ellen C. Branner

Anne G. Farmer

Horst and Deborah Locher

Philip and Karen Perkins

Patricia Sears Shoults

Judith J. Spahr

Truck Enterprises Inc.

M. D. and Janet L. Wager

Homer and Janice Whetzel

Louie Z. Will

Lila June King

Leslie E. and Judith A. Luginbuhl

John “Bobby” Robert Kite

H. L. Jr. and Mildred R. Maiden

Carson and Della Kline

Madge K. Trobaugh

Janet C. Kohen

Andrew I. Kohen

Rita Lanham

K. Vera Blum

Michael T. Daly

Robert Lee Layman

Kim, Mike, Matthew, Melody and Christopher Brantley

Houston Dickenson Jr.

Totsie Ellen Zirkle

Majorie Hope Wichael Leake

Fred W. and Lois E. Beaufait

Teresa A. Gonzalez

Dr. James Hoffmann

Mary Louise Leake

Karen and Mike Miller

Jennifer and Aaron Shirkey

Larry and Suzanne Thomas

Judith K. Warren

Robert Lubrano, our son

Anthony and Jeanne Lubrano

Paulette Mills

Robert E. and Mary E. Rhan

Susan J. Morningstar

Ruby M. Lineweaver

Victoria “Tori” Morris, RN

E. A. Beckmeier

Steven and Katy Wilson

Bobby L. Myers

Fay B. Myers

Jeanette Nelson

Ronnie B. Life

Loyd B. Newman Jr.

Shirley S. Newman

Tillie Newman

Lorraine Warren Strickler

Vivian M. Nilsen

Reverend K. Roy Nilsen

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Neese and Alma Spitzer

Merv and Marlene Webb

Denise A. Whitman

Donna Faye Parady

Lewis Parady

Ray Parker

Nancy M. Farrar

Jarrett A. and Linda P. Nesselrodt

Irene E. Parker

Pathfinders Sunday School Class of West Side Baptist Church

Lyndsay and Nick Von Ehrenhelm

Westside Baptist Church

Roger P. Pence and Hallie B. Pence

Janice L. Pence

Robert Eugene Pratt

June E. Jordan

Lois M. Rhodes and Shawn L. Rhodes

West Side Baptist Church

Page P. Price

Eleanor Page Price

Dorothy V. Price and Evelyn V. Stultz

Rodney and Ruth Stultz

Harry and Rick Rawley

Dennis and Mary Jane Rawley

Betty Brannon Rice

Ann Rice Yager

A. Jackson Ridder

Linda R. Ridder

David Rodes

Covenant Fellowship

Warner Insurance Agency, LLC

Wayne Hills Baptist Church

Sadie B. Rodes

John E. Rodes

Arnauld Scafidi, MD

J. Leo Crosier, M.D and Mrs. Virginia R. Crosier

Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes & Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sheffer

Jimmy J. Sr. and Carolyn R. Sheffer

Erik Carl Shifflett

Denise Dean Shifflett

Charles “Bud” Somers III

Nancy O. Cisick

Mensel and Linda Dean

Eleanor L. Garber

James F. Logan Jr. and Carole S. Logan

Eddie Ney and Margee Greenfield-Ney

Martin J. Ritchie

India R. Strickler

James O. Stepp

Janet S. Stepp

Wayne A. Strawderman

Esther J. Strawderman

Ardath K. Sutherland

Fred G. Sutherland

Betty Swartz

Robert B. Jr. and Jeanne S. Minnich

Roseann Szmagaj

Kenneth Szmagaj

Jeanette Nina Taylor

Matthew A. and Heather H. Diehl

Donald Trobaugh

Madge K. Trobaugh

Larry Trobaugh

Laura Evans

William D. Koogler Family

Elly Lafkin

Susan and David Lawrence

John F. III and Judith A. Miller

Miller, Jameson & Brake, LLP

James Morris and the Morris Family

Park View Federal Credit Union Mortgage Department

Lynn and Diane Trobaugh

Eileen Waterhouse

Chris and Cindy Whitelock

Holly Tutwiler

William R. and Barbara H. Hite

Margaret Tysinger

Carolyn T. Landis

Danny Usry

Jeffrey D. and Faye B. Curl

Richard L. and Pamela B. Wilkins

Jane Van Ryan

Ronald P. and Julianne Jilinski

Anne H. Vance

William and Suzanne Vance

Cecil L. Wampler

Dorothy K. Wampler

Charlie Bill Warren

Dan and Gail O’Donnell

Norris Elwood Weaver

Lyn Simmons Weaver

Anna T. Whitmore

Kenny and Denise Sager

Mildred Wilkinson

John R. Wilkinson

Jack C. Will

Louie Z. Will

Phillip Wilberger

Long View Farm Homeowners Association

Shirley Willis

Todd Trivett

Frances E. Wyant (Mother)

Evelyn S. Hedrick

Brenda M. Wynn

Fredd Wynn

Honor Gifts

All RMH Caregivers

Philip H. Maxwell

Timothy Bill, MD

Shirley F. Hupp

Jennifer Bruno

John W. and Beverly M. Leonard

Jennifer Bryant

Randy and Donna Harper

Christine Burner

Denise Whitman

Hope Clatterbuck

Shelba J. Clatterbuck

Christy Crawford and CCU Unit Staff

Melonie Knicely

TMD - live strong good buddy!

Cory R. and Donielle Davies

Brittany Davis

Eastside Church

Terri Denton

Denton Family Charitable Foundation

In appreciation to the Doctor, PAs, Nurses, Technicians and Others

David A. and Karin E. Mars

Front line doctors and nurses, and all staff keeping the patients safe

Nancy R. Bradfield

Mary Katherine Dove

J. Brisco and Janet Dellinger

Dr. Punkaj K. Dua

Karen Wood Grizzard

Barbara Dumler

Roy and Karen Norville

Dr. Morris J. Fendley

William G. and Hope Shank Stoner

Margaret Furr, RN

William Reinhold

Megan A. Grizzard

Karen Wood Grizzard

Jeff Guinn

Gary and Judy Hall

Brenda N. Hall

Lorraine Warren Strickler

Health Care Workers

Jay B. Richardson

Andrienne Hoover

Cody and Eugene Oliver

Ayla Hottel, Emergency Department Nurse

India R. Strickler

Fred and Alice Houff

Kern L. and Chanda C. Houff

James “Kip” Jenkins

Joseph B. Jr and Kathryn H. Bowman

Roger L. and Mary Frances Lam

H. L. Jr. and Mildred R. Maiden

Ken and June Monger

Carolyn Piner and Wes Conley

James B. Joyner, Minister

Catherine W. Joyner

Dr. Earl D. King

Daniel B. and Susan Weiss Behrend

Roger L. Lam

Mary Frances Lam

Mary Louise Leake

Amy Kiger

Alfred B. and Dottie S. Whitt

Dr. Shawn M. Lepley

Donna Tinsley

Bud and Betty Long

Orville L. and Betty H. Long

The Incredible Medical Teams at RMH, Thank you!

Emily McCarty

Denise Morin

Norma L. Greenleaf

Lowell Moyers, 80th Birthday March 21

Owen R. and Judy M. Burkholder

Sarah Orem

David A. and Karen L. Barnes

Jessica Pultz

India R. Strickler

Dr. Brian E. Robinson

John and Cindy Reeves

Nelson and Linda Simmons

William G. and Hope Shank Stoner

Kyle Sampson

Keith B. and Jennifer R. Sampson

Linda Sue Shank

Fern Miller

Julia Shirkey, Jamin Engel and Ian Swartz

Gary Ruckman

Nancy Smith

William E. Bray Jr.

SRMH Emergency Department Staff

Jane W. Ritchie

Dr. T. Keith Vest

Linda T. Wilt

Brittney Villeda

Merrie Burruss

Janet T. Wendelken

Drs. David K. and Charlette E. McQuilkin

Dr. Duane S. White

Roberta (Robbie) and Robert K. Wilkins

Dr. Mary Helen Witt

N. Paige and Ann C. Will

Dr. Mary Helen Witt

Robbie Jean Zirkle

Jane Yokum retirement from Moorefield Elementary School

Moorefield Elementary School

Dr. George Zimmerman, DO

Margaret Hahn

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Generous to the End … and Beyond

When Bill and Jean Madren committed to something, it was for the long haul.For starters, they were together for 67 years, abiding by the ultimate pledge to each other. This was more than enough time for both to make significant contributions to their community neighbors in Elkton, from Bill’s generosity toward youth by funding the construction of basketball courts and playground renovations, to Jean’s background in education, which sparked the creation of scholarships in their names at Spotswood High School and East Rockingham High School.

Advancing Our Mission

On June 22, 2010, RMH staff members experienced a real sense that “we’ve arrived” as they safely moved 95 patients from the old hospital in Harrisonburg to the new state-of-the-art hospital, billed as a “destination for health and wellness,” on an expansive 254-acre campus just outside the city limits.

Catching 40 Winks

Aaron Figgins thought he was a good sleeper. This hard-working farmer from Mt. Crawford seldom, if ever, awoke in the middle of the night and usually got seven or eight hours of sleep per night—essential for a man engaged in hard physical labor. So if he was sleeping soundly, why was he unbearably tired throughout the day?

Seasonal Flu or COVID-19?

When the COVID-19 pandemic took root in March, Sentara RMH Medical Center, much like hospitals all across the world, worked tirelessly to understand the new strain of coronavirus and plan for the impact it would have on patients, healthcare workers, the hospital and surrounding communities.
Sentara in the Community

Friends of the RMH Foundation

Sentara RMH Medical Center is grateful to have the support of generous community members.

Generous to the End … and Beyond

When Bill and Jean Madren committed to something, it was for the long haul.For starters, they were together for 67 years, abiding by the ultimate pledge to each other. This was more than enough time for both to make significant contributions to their community neighbors in Elkton, from Bill’s generosity toward youth by funding the construction of basketball courts and playground renovations, to Jean’s background in education, which sparked the creation of scholarships in their names at Spotswood High School and East Rockingham High School.
Physicians Perspective

Treating Aneurysms in the Brain

“Your scan shows that you have an aneurysm in your brain.”Those are words that would strike fear in the hearts of most people, conjuring up images of a life-threatening, “ticking time bomb” aneurysm.
The Best Medicine

Lessons Learned from a Year in the House

OK, 2020. You’ve got some explainin’ to do. Entering this year, I assumed it would be a great one, simply because the number 2020 had a numerical symmetry that connoted terrific things.
Clinical Excellence

3D Mammography

If you haven’t heard about three-dimensional (3D) mammography yet, read on! Also known as tomosynthesis, 3D breast imaging is the most up-to-date breast screening technology available to women today.
Improve Health Everyday

Coping and Even Thriving During COVID-19

Since arriving in the United States in early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic truly has turned our world upside down. Many thousands have lost their lives, while countless others have lost their livelihoods.
Health Matters

Practice the Basics of Infection Prevention

Infectious diseases spread through a variety of means. Respiratory diseases like COVID-19, influenza (flu) and the common cold spread via droplets of saliva or mucus that contain germs.
Improve Health Everyday

Flu Shots Are Even More Important This Year

With the COVID-19 pandemic still among us, and given the medical complexities the disease can produce, getting your flu shot early this year is crucial.
La Salud Importa

Adopte las medidas básicas para la prevención de infecciones

Las enfermedades infecciosas se propagan a través de diversos medios. Las enfermedades respiratorias, como la COVID-19, la gripe y el resfriado común, se propagan a través de las gotas de saliva o del moco que contienen gérmenes.
On-Call Advice

Are heartburn and acid indigestion the same thing?

Although both conditions involve discomfort and feature symptoms that tend to overlap, leading many people to use the terms interchangeably, heartburn and acid indigestion occur in distinct areas of the body.
Womens Health

Veins Vexing You?

Varicose veins and spider veins—those red, purple and blue lines and webs visible just below the surface of the skin—can be an unsightly nuisance. Or worse.