Sentara in the Community

Friends of the RMH Foundation

Gifts received from Jan. 1 to April 30, 2021

Sentara RMH Medical Center is so grateful to have the support of generous community members. We express this gratitude and recognize the contributions our donors make through the President’s Forum, the William Leake Society, the 1910 Cornerstone Club and the White Rose Giving Circle. These exclusive giving circles are our way to honor our most generous partners who show they care about having the best medical services available in our community. Finally, to recognize your loyalty over the years, we are placing next to your name the number of consecutive years you have supported the RMH Foundation. Thank you for your support!

Totals represent cumulative amounts given in 2021.

Presidents Forum

$100,000 and above

Diane C. Davis (29) 


Mary Doris Joecks and Family (1)

Herman and Janet Mason Family (13)

Eleanor Page Price (3)

The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg and Rockingham Cty. (19)


DuPont Community Credit Union (4)

John R. and Mary Ann Heatwole (3)

Dr. Charles H. and Mary Henderson (16)

James and Frances Mason and Herman and Janet Mason Families Fund of The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg and Rockingham Cty. (2)

Calvin R. Nichols Jr. (5)

Charles Oster (25)

Dewayne C. Rhodes (2)

Schwab Charitable Fund (3)

Sentara RMH Volunteer Auxiliary (40)

Shenandoah Automotive Service Center (5)

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Shickel and Ephesians 2 Fund of The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg and Rockingham Cty. (1)

Shickel Corporation - Colossians 3:17 Fund of The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg and Rockingham Cty. (1)

The Robert H. Strickler and Lorraine W. Strickler Foundation (9)

The US Charitable Gift Trust (5)

Lynn and Diane Trobaugh (14)

William Leake Society


Anonymous Fund of The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County (1)

Carolyn and Gerald Beam (2)

Drs. A. Jerry Benson and Martha K. Ross (10)

Helen Breeden (2)

Craig M. and Melanie Brimhall (3)

Francis M. and Alice S. Bruce (3)

Crosslink Community Church (2)

The Davies Family (14)

Colonel and Mrs. Peter F. Dieck (4)

Douglas and Gayle Driver (6)

Farmers and Merchants Bank (8)

Dr. Steve and Kathy Gardner and the Pass Through Fund of The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg and Rockingham Cty. (2)

Cardinal Dental Specialists (7)

Brooke Goodwin (7)

Amelia Michon Hall (11)

Harrisonburg Kiwanis Club, Inc. (2)

George and Cary Hevener (17)

Impact Assets (2)

Integrity Insurance Group (2)

Richard C. and Mona D. Johnson (33)

LD&B Insurance Agency (3)

Robin L. Martin (19)

Rennie Mitchell McAllister (3)

Ann and Neal Menefee (28)

Drs. David and Heather Morgan (5)

Dr. Harold F. III and Donna S. Reilly (15)

Rise Church UMF Community (2)

John and Carol Rosenberger (8)

John and Faye Sellers (16)

Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition (1)

Mary Sherman (9)

Barbara B. Stoltzfus (23)

David O. and Elizabeth A. Swingle (12)

Paula L. Thompson (1)

Holly Thorne and F&M Bank Community Fund of The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg and Rockingham Cty. (8)

Phillip and Christina Updike (8)

Dr. David and Janet Wendelken (9)

Whetzel Family Irrevocable Trust (1)

Janet Estep Whetzel Family (1)

Richard L. and Pamela B. Wilkins (34)

1910 Cornerstone Club


Robert E. and Linda L. Alley (4)

Cliff and Amanda Alt (1)

Dr. Steven G. and Patricia A. Alvis (2)

Devon and Teresa Anders (12)

Ervin L. and Ann Noffsinger Anderson (8)

Paul Baker (1)

Edith J. Banks (7)

Edgar L. Barnard Jr. (15)

Karen Barnes (2)

John G. Barr (5)

Sam L. Batton (6)

Dennis and Darlene Baugh (1)

Joanne L. Bell (6)

Douglas L. Berry (1)

Kenneth G. and Linda R. Berry (12)

Bethany United Methodist Church Adult Mission Team (1)

Bethel United Church of Christ Women’s Fellowship (1)

Adam and Christy Blagg (7)

Dennis P. and Janet E. Boffo (4)

John F. and Elsie L. Bowers (5)

Lawrence D., Jr. and Linda K. Bowers (2)

Larry O. and Paula C. Bowman (3)

Catherine E. Boyd (1)

Nancy R. Bradfield (13)

Alfred and Delma Brenneman (5)

Rosemary O. Brenner (2)

Broadway Timberville Ruritan Club (1)

Emmett H. and Leola C. Brooks (6)

Jacquelyn K. Brooks (1)

Ernest P. Burger (1)

David L. and Elizabeth B. Burkholder (5)

Owen R. and Judy M. Burkholder (2)

Christine W. Burner (14)

Nancy E. Camp (3)

William B. Carper Sr. (40)

Dr. Dale A. Carroll and Dr. Merrily McGowan (2)

Brenda D. Cave (10)

Cedar Stone Spa (1)

Anne Terese Colao (1)

Belinda ’Dawn’Cooper (2)

Glenn and Leslie Crawford (6)

Cross Keys Mill Creek Ruritan Club (1)

Crossroads Cafe & Catering, LLC (1)

Crossroads Mennonite Church (2)

Dennis A. and Martha C. Cummins (8)

Lowell R. and Alta A. Davis (2)

Dayton Tavern, LLC (1)

Dayton United Methodist Church (1)

Curtis and Marcy Dean (1)

Dennis and Lou Dellinger (2)

Kay C. Divincenzo (1)

Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation (9)

Dave D. and Patricia H. Dungan (6)

Edward Jones Investments (6)

Janet S. Einstein (15)

Elkton Ruritan Club (1)

Emmanuel Episcopal Church (1)

Donald M. and Joyce Y. Evers (1)

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund (14)

Carol Ann Fields (3)

Dale Flaten (1)

Gregory V. and Elizabeth Lea Flynn (1)

Larry A. and Linda J. Fogle (14)

Donald E. Forren (3)

Lewis and Arleen Forsheit (1)

Richard L. and Diana L. Forsythe (1)

Bibb Y. and Dolly Sease Frazier and B. Y. Frazier Fund of The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg and Rockingham Cty. (1)

Forrest L. Frazier (19)

Charles J. Frye (3)

William E. and Rita F. Fulk (3)

Claude M. and Kathleen T. Gantt (1)

Michael A. and Carolyn S. Gardner (5)

Dr. Linford K. and Rebecca L. Gehman (2)

Sherrill Glanzer (20)

J. R. and Cheryl Good (1)

Richard and Joan Goodrich (3)

Karen Wood Grizzard (6)

Marilyn Guntner (2)

Joshua P. Hale (5)

Richard and Julie Haushalter (22)

Sheri Heatwole and Friends (1)

Evelyn S. Hedrick (11)

Robert E. and Gail L. Hess (5)

Shelvy K. Hinkle (1)

Charles R. Sr. and Constance E. Hoover (1)

William R. Hudelson (12)

Philip D. and Sue L. Hutchinson (1)

Richard E. and Linda H. Jacobs (2)

Judy Jenkins (5)

Ronald P. and Julianne Jilinski (14)

Robert F. Jochen V., MD (6)

J. Robert and Patricia C. Johnson (3)

Flora L. Kagey (14)

Sharon L. Kiracofe (15)

K. Michael and Susan C. Kline (1)

Katherine H. Knicely (13)

Steve and Cindy Lamb (11)

Peggy H. Landis (1)

Robert J. and Carolyn J. Leiston (14)

Leitner Law Group, PLC (8)

Leonardo DRS (1)

Howard Lind (1)

Linville-Edom Ruritan Club (1)

Charles E. and Cynthia A. Litten (13)

Horst and Deborah Locher (3)

Barry L. and Mardia B. Long (1)

LPL Financial Foundation (2)

Laura S. Mapp (28)

Philip H. Maxwell (34)

Ronald T. and Louise M. McCoy (1)

Thomas L. and Barbara W. Melby Charitable Fund of The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg and Rockingham Cty. (1)

Marie Menard (2)

Col. William P. and Frances A. Menefee (3)

Pat Messner (34)

Mervyl L. and Linda H. Miller (4)

Robert E. Miller, Jr. (3)

Sherry L. Mongold (10)

Dr. and Mrs. Jason R. Moore

Mountain View Fellowship Church of the Brethren (1)

Susan K. Moyers (2)

Mt. Olive Brethren Church (1)

Daniel J. and Alyce U. Nardi (4)

Rotary Club of New Market, VA (8)

Roy A. and Karen A. Norville (2)

Kelly and Leo O’Donnell (1)

Chris and Sarah Orem (3)

Park View Federal Credit Union (2)

Park View Mennonite Church (1)

Pershing - Pro Equities, Inc. (1)

John R. and Virginia H. Phalen (10)

Richard G. and Annie L. Pierce (10)

Steve and Deb Proctor (2)

S. Walton Propst (4)

Rick and Joy Pulley (1)

Dewain H. and Joyce W. Rahe (1)

A. Kenneth and Mildred L. Ranck (6)

Thomas D. and Jennifer L. Rea (7)

David and Elizabeth P. Reedy (2)

Nelson L. and Janet W. Reinsch (1)

Raymond E. and Naomi W. Ressler (1)

Eleanor S. Rexrode (21)

Lisa Rhodes and Bobby Stroop (1)

Lourdes Rhodes (6)

James B. Richardson, Jr. (13)

Michael L. and Roxanne M. Rider (1)

Marjorie T. Ridgway (5)

Paul and Laura Riner (1)

Mark E. and Barbara C. Roberts (2)

Verna A. Rodes (2)

John Rogers (1)

Wayne and Joan Ruck (4)

Sangerville Church of the Brethren (1)

Laurence and Evelyn Sauder (16)

Al P. and Phyllis S. Saufley (7)

Garland R. and Denise L. Sawyer (2)

Ralph L. and Ann W. Sebrell (11)

Lucy J. Seymour (12)

David W. Shaffer Jr. (5)

John C. Shank (1)

Shenandoah Valley Printing (1)

Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church (3)

Charles C. Shiflet Jr. (2)

Hazel K. Shirk (1)

James M. and Carol S. Showalter (23)

Larry Showalter (4)

Christine Simmons (1)

Delbert D. Slater (14)

Ilene N. Smith (39)

Sons of the Confederate Veterans, Inc. (1)

John Sponaugle Family, Sarah Ward, Laura Begoon and Pam Sponaugle (1)

Virginia J. Steeber (15)

David E. and Esther Yoder Stenson (2)

Roy H. Stetler III (5)

William G. and Hope Shank Stoner (16)

Esther J. Strawderman (14)

Richard L. and Joyce K. Strawderman (14)

John and Mary Strickler (1)

Rodney and Ruth Stultz (13)

Bill and Carolyn Taylor (1)

Juanita M. Taylor (39)

Linda L. Taylor (13)

Debra D. Thompson (32)

James M. Tongue (4)

Truck and Equipment Corporation (1)

Sherwin and Sandy Tusing (40)

James M. and Grace T. UpDyke (1)

Keith J. Vanbenschoten (1)

Dan C. and Kathleen Vance (1)

John A. Via (1)

Jill Wade (2)

Coworkers of Ann Wall (1)

John M. and Martha S. Watkins (4)

Watt, Tieder, Hoffar & Fitzgerald LLP (1)

James R. and Susan C. Weaver (2)

Wallace W. and Mary Alice Weaver (10)

Weiler Orthodontics (1)

Henry G. Jr. and Ferne M. Wenger (14)

Linda B. West (3)

Patricia T. Wichael (5)

Mr. David and Dr. Karen Wigginton (4)

Roberta (Robbie) and Robert K. Wilkins (14)

John R. Wilkinson (3)

Brenda R. Williams (1)

Garland J. and Shelvy Williams (11)

Kathleen M. Williar (6)

Mary Ann and Roger Winegard (2)

LTC Charles V., USA (RET) and Stephanie S. Wollerton (2)

Robbie Jean Zirkle (14)

White Rose Giving Circle


Violet Allain “A Little Bit of Good Giving Circle” (2)

Teresa B. Anders (12)

Ann J. Bird (4)

Linda Heatwole Bland (9)

Jennifer M. Bolt (6)

Sharon S. Bowers (11)

Nancy B. Bradfield (30)

Rita Bunch (2)

Maryjane Chewning (7)

Sherry B. Cline (24)

Phyllis Y. Coulter (10)

Diane C. Davis (29)

Lynn Diveley (14)

Sallie E. Funkhouser (16)

Zanette Hahn (6)

Cary Hevener (17)

Louise Otto Hostetter (14)

Mona D. Johnson (33)

Dawn F. Kern (6)

Victoria Krauss (22)

S. E. Kruck (3)

Twilla M. Lambert (6)

Elisabeth M. Lawson (6)

Brenda J. Lenhart (21)

Jo Ann S. Liskey (9)

Sharon Menefee (3)

Rebecca W. Morris (32)

Debra L. Mowery (3)

Lori B. Moyer (5)

Alyce U. Nardi (4)

Gloria B. Price (22)

Carrie Rash (4)

Donna S. Reilly (15)

Martha K. Ross (10)

Shirley M. Shimp (6)

Elayne Smith (1)

Ilene N. Smith (39)

Barbara B. Stoltzfus (23)

Hope Shank Stoner (16)

Debra D. Thompson (32)

Diane E. Trobaugh (14)

Sallye Trobaugh (8)

Christina Updike (8)

Nancy Hopkins Voorhees (14)

Susan C. Weaver (2)

Teresa Boshart Yoder (1)

Shirley B. Yoder (1)

Annual Support


Laura Adkins (8)

Phyllis Albrite (7)

Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. (1)

Jean Anne Armstrong (14)

Thomas and Yvonne Barr (1)

Darryl B. Bartley (2)

Natalie R. Bass (6)

Tracy Baughman (1)

Nancy Beatty (1)

Ralph N. Bergdoll (5)

Patricia A. Brunk (14)

Judy Bullis (1)

Thomas L., Jr. and Carroll P. Buskirk (4)

Cyrus G. and Barbara S. Buttram (1)

Dr. Zachary and Kristen Collier (3)

David R. B. Collins (1)

Emanuel B. Conley Jr. (8)

Randall L. Craig (5)

Judy Ann Craun (2)

Thomas N. and Joy H. Daggy (2)

Frederick A. and Alice H. Davino (3)

Gary L. and Brenda H. Driver (4)

Eileen E. Dubberstein (1)

Theresa Enke (1)

B. Earl and Cheryl K. Eshbach (9)

Joseph M. Evy (4)

Glen O. and Barbara Sue Eye (4)

Richard H. and Hazel K. Forbus (1)

GE Nail Spa (2)

The Gilmer Family Trust (1)

Michael A. and Deborah W. Good (16)

Rodney D. and Peggy C. Good (1)

Daniel W. and Bette M. Goodson (14)

Mae B. Guthrie (14)

The Halterman Family (1)

Carolyn A. Hartman (1)

Martin T. Hartman (1)

Harry E. and Mary Jane Hedlund (4)

Robert S. and Dorothy M. Hiner (2)

Mary A. Holler (3)

Mattie L. Howell (2)

Harold E. Huber (3)

Lyle C. and Georgianne M. Hull (5)

Richard A. and Linda J. Humbert (13)

Polly A. Jamison (7)

Jollett Springs Mobile Home Park (1)

Lorraine L. Kimble (4)

Faye R. Kingston (1)

Orrin M. Jr. and Jane C. Kline (15)

Larry W. and Janice L. Knicely (2)

William A. and Carole H. Kreowski (4)

Richard Lamma (1)

Lydia Lapp (3)

Cheryl Lindsay (1)

Carroll T. Lisle (2)

Dorothy D. Logan (21)

John L. and Faye A. Lokey (2)

Orville L. and Betty H. Long (2)

Tim and Cristy Long (2)

David M. and Gladys D. Longacre (10)

Carole Lovelace (1)

Sharon and Rob Lovell (1)

William B. and Mary Ludwick (2)

H. L. Jr. and Mildred R. Maiden (4)

Robert and Kathryn Manley (10)

Va Marston (1)

Lareth L. May (10)

Juanita May (1)

Patricia C. McGee (1)

Elmer W. and Violet J. Metzler (3)

Diane O. Mincey (12)

Robert B. Jr. and Jeanne S. Minnich (26)

Louis and Kathryn Mole (3)

Ernest L. Jr. and Barbara B. Mongold (1)

Richard G. Moore (1)

Harold R. and Betty Lou Morris (3)

Victor and Phyllis Morrison (2)

Donald L. and Marie I. Moyer (2)

James W. and Aldine M. Musser (2)

Reverend K. Roy Nilsen (3)

Epifania Nunez (9)

Joan M. Painter (7)

Eugenia E. Parker (13)

Elizabeth Pazur (2)

Richard Piepenbrink (1)

Charles R. Raisner (2)

Joseph E. and Gloria A. Randolph (1)

Lawrence Emory and Sharon Elaine Ressler (1)

Terry L. and Christine P. Richards (1)

Martin J. Ritchie (2)

Jimmy D. and Nancy J. Russell (3)

Cora C. Scruggs (4)

Orlin D. and Sandra F. Shank (1)

William N. Shawger Jr. (6)

Janet L. Sheffer (2)

Bobby L. Shifflett (1)

Harvey E. and Joan F. Shifflett (2)

Mary K. Shipe (1)

Harry L. Shoemaker (12)

E. C. and Ruth C. Showalter (2)

Paul F. and Wanda L. Showalter (6)

Shyam P. and Rameshwari P. Shrestha (4)

L. Ronald and Bonnie V. Smith (3)

Victor J. II and Cheryl B. Smith (13)

Billy D. and Sharon W. Smitherman (2)

Lana Bennett Sours (1)

Jayne M. Stargel (2)

Tetyana and Pylyp Stryuts (1)

Dorothy Mae Taylor (1)

Patricia Thomale (1)

P. Conner Thomas (1)

Rachel Thomas (3)

Jacqueline G. Towers (32)

Janette R. Tusing (6)

United Way of South Hampton Roads (3)

Catherine E. Vann (2)

Robert J. Vogel (2)

Sarah H. Wichael (3)

Rebecca Wicklline (1)

Mario Williams (1)

Michael L. and Brenda P. Witt (1)

Memorial Gifts

All Babies Who Died of Cancer

Hector Urbina

Frances Armentrout

Leroy B. Jr. and Mary Ellen Earhart

G. Richard McClung Jr. and Susan H. McClung

Charles C. Shiflet Jr.

Ruth Batten

Sam L. Batton

Harriston United Methodist Church

Robyn R. Ludwig

Frank H. and Tara M. Vetting

Ruth Batten, Hospice Volunteer

Jill Wade

Jennifer Barbour Biller

Cliff and Amanda Alt

Sandra Clatterbuck

Monty H. and Lana W. Cox

Patrice B. Doerries

Lynda O. Estep

Keith and Naoma P. Floyd

Gregory V. and Elizabeth Lea Flynn

Claude M. and Kathleen T. Gantt

Kim Guthrie

Scott A. and Beth M. Hinegardner

Michael C. and Ann M. Jones

K. Michael and Susan C. Kline

Col. William P. and Frances A. Menefee

Nelson L. and Janet W. Reinsch

Jennifer Ryman

John M. and Marie A. Ryman

Jane Shumway

Sons of the Confederate Veterans, Inc.

Strasburg High School

Dan C. and Kathleen Vance

Watt, Tieder, Hoffar & Fitzgerald LLP

Carolyn J. Watts and Kelly D. Justus

Lois Blosser

Jessica Septon

Terri Berry Bowman

C. Dennis Armentrout

Dr. Cecil D. Bradfield

Nancy R. Bradfield

Betty Jo Cline

Chester L. and Nancy B. Bradfield

Jerry L. and Kaye G. Brunk

Philip D. and Sue L. Hutchinson

Sharon L. Kiracofe

Mossy Creek Presbyterian Women of the Church

Janice L. Pence

Richard Davis

Diane C. Davis

Douglass Dye

Dr. Lawrence W. and Barbara S. Roller

Robert Scott Edwards

Wilbur W. and Mabel E. Brewer

Frances S. Hood

Rick and Joy Pulley

Janet Flaten

Dale Flaten

Dr. Joseph E. Gardner and Janet L. Gardner

Dr. Steven E. and Kathryn J. Gardner

Jim Glanzer

Sherrill Glanzer

Donald W. Hinkle

Shelvy K. Hinkle

Paul Holdaway

Howard M., Jr. and Rebecca S. Spurlock

Sandra E. Hudelson

William R. Hudelson

Maynard Johnson

Johnna Lee Johnson

Janet Mae Jordan

Horst and Deborah Locher

Harold J. McCann

Leonardo DRS

Elizabeth Raines Michon

Amelia Michon Hall

Carmen Strite Miller

William G. and Hope Shank Stoner

John Minnis, Jr.

Jacquelyn K. Brooks

Stan and Judy Gray

Stanley L. Mitchell

Rennie Mitchell McAllister

Lois M. Oster

Charles Oster

Dorothy Price and Evelyn Stultz

Rodney and Ruth Stultz

Arnold Propst

S. Walton Propst

James L Simmons

Christine P. Simmons

Janet Smith

Julia H. Hawse

John Sponaugle

Sam L. Batton

Ricky L. and Cheryl G. Chandler

Anza Evans

Kenneth Steeber

Virginia J. Steeber

Benny Stout

Gloria Stout

Doug Wager

David L. and Tammy J. Jordan

Horst and Deborah Locher

Denis W. and Judith Ann Post

Janet L. Wager

Jean Ann Wall

June T. Branner

Anne Terese Colao

Coworkers of Ann Wall: Michael Cowin, Eric Griffin, Greg Needham, Emanuel McGirt, Margot Clark, Ashley Gaskins and Donna Raynor

Charles W. Sr. and Judith W. Hartman

Emanuel and Dorothy McGirt

Dewain H. and Joyce W. Rahe

Larry A. and Patsy L. Will

Liz Worley

Heather Roberts

Frances E. Wyant (Mother)

Evelyn S. Hedrick

Honor Gifts

All the Team at Sentara RMH

Rich and Micheline Lehman

Sarah Barnes

Karen Barnes

Melissa Bowman

Heather Roberts

Dr. Harry S. Crawford III

Roger L. and Mary Frances Lam

Dr. Punkaj K. Dua

Karen Wood Grizzard

Dr. Scott Fowler

Ramniklal J. and Vijayaben R. Goradia

In honor of loved ones, Dillion and Elizabeth Good

JR and Cheryl Good

Megan A. Grizzard

Karen Wood Grizzard

Brandy Hallebaugh, NP, SRMH South Main Medical Center

Susan L. Schuckman

Nancy McSherry Henderson

Bill and Carolyn Taylor

Wanda Hollen, ER Nurse, Retired

Terri Lynn Denton

Joyce E. Horst, Nurse

A. Kenneth and Mildred L. Ranck

Ayla Landis Hottel

Carolyn T. Landis

Dr. Johnson, Dr. Rash and Sentara RMH Coronary Team

Raymond F. and Sharon K. Schulte

Paul Johnston, P.A., Sentara RMH South Main Street

Sandra F. Morris

Ray King Family

Lewis and Arleen Forsheit

Dana Landacre and SRMH Emergency Room Team

Charles R. Sr. and Constance E. Hoover

Dr. Timothy C. Landes, MD

Mildred F. Branner

Nancy Mandeville

Susan K. Moyers

Dr. David McLaughlin, all Nurses and Staff

John and Mary Strickler

Dr. Jason Moore, Sentara RMH Vascular Surgery Team and the whole staff

Charles and Ruth Mullins

Dr. Christine J. Ou

John C. Shank

Amy Raynes, Nurse

Clara Jean Comer

Sarah and Stacey Rider

Michael L. and Roxanne M. Rider

Sandy Riner

Paul and Laura Riner

Dr. Edward Sandy

James B. Richardson, Jr.

Melissa Shawger, Sentara RMH X-ray Tech

Christine W. Burner

Amber L. Showalter

James M. and Carol S. Showalter

Twila Showalter

Larry Showalter

Sentara RMH 3rd Floor Team

Charles N. and Sandra K. Tuller

Sentara RMH 4 West Team

Ilene N. Smith

Sentara RMH Cardiology Specialists Team

Owen R. and Judy M. Burkholder

Sentara RMH Cardiology Team

Patricia T. Wichael

Sentara RMH CCU Team

Allen M. III and Susan L. Clague

Sentara RMH Critical Care Unit Team

Ronald P. and Julianne Jilinski

Sentara RMH DaVinci Center Team and the whole staff

Dr. Robert F. Jochen VMD

Sentara RMH East Rockingham Health Center and the whole staff

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Long, Jr.

Sentara RMH Emergency Department

Michael A. and Carolyn S. Gardner

Sentara RMH Emergency Department Team

Catherine E. Boyd

Walter P. McNett

Sentara RMH Hahn Cancer Center Entire Staff

Robbie Jean Zirkle

Sentara RMH Hahn Cancer Center Radiation Oncology Team

Richard G. and Claudia J. Childs

Sentara RMH Hahn Cancer Center Team

Arthur E. Parente

Esther J. Strawderman

Sentara RMH Hahn Cancer Center Team and the whole staff

Richard L. and Pamela B. Wilkins

Juanita Taylor

Lynn and Diane Trobaugh

Juanita Taylor 100th Birthday

Pat Messner

The whole staff, Sentara RMH

John W. Alter Jr.

Clive A. Babkirk Jr.

Edith J. Banks

Sally Brown

John G. Clem

Charles J. Frye

Flora L. Kagey

Lee and Brenda E. Knicely

Sifet Korjenic

Judy M. Lindamood

Charles E. and Cynthia A. Litten

Teresa L. Louden

R. Larry Martin

Wayne E. and Carolyn H. Miller

Rick Poland

Marjorie T. Ridgway

John D. and Marilyn K. Ritchie

Beatrice R. Rolon

Rose Schuck

David W. Shaffer Jr.

Alton K. and Helen W. Shipe

Hazel K. Shirk

Delbert D. Slater

Anil and Shaila Solanki

Juanita M. Taylor

Wallace W. and Mary Alice Weaver

Louise A. White

Garland J. and Shelvy Williams

The whole staff, Sentara RMH, especially Dr. Ford

Judith D. Roop

Deb Thompson, Retirement, Director and SRMH Volunteer Services Team

Denise A. Whitman

Deb Thompson, SRMH Volunteer Department, Happy Retirement

Pamela R. Mason

Deb Thompsons Retirement

Pat Messner

Diane E.Trobaugh

Laura G. Price

Dr. Emily J. Turzanski, DO

Eric P. and Lein T. Jenkins

Dr. Christine M. Urbanski

Garry W. and Peggy R. Miller

Charleen C. Pinnell

S. Walton Propst

Roberta (Robbie) and Robert K. Wilkins

Dr. Christine Urbanski and Sentara RMH Oncology Team

Roberta (Robbie) and Robert K. Wilkins

Dr. VerNooy, nurse Jacquie and the whole staff, Sentara RMH

Loren C. and Elaine E. Good

Dr. Weldearegay, Dr. McDonald, Dr. McLaughlin, Sentara RMH Cardiology Surgery, Paula Lesca, RN., Christina Seto, RN, and George

Dr. Ronald A. Campbell

Elizabeth Worley

Catherine Worley

Dr. Yuriy Zhukov

Allen M. III and Susan L. Clague 

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