Healthcare Heroes Work Here

Sentara RMH Medical Center honors all of our team members as “healthcare heroes”—the physicians, nurses and other clinicians on the front lines, but also our housekeepers, food service staff, security officers, maintenance and facilities crews, and office staff. Every team member plays an important role that supports the hospital and contributes to our success in fulfilling our Sentara mission of improving health every day. 

The team members highlighted here represent a mere fraction of our team, which has responded so courageously to the challenges posed by COVID-19. The hospital values and thanks each team member for faithfully carrying out the daily responsibilities of their jobs. 

Our team is Sentara RMH!

Katie Davis, RT(R)(CT)

Imaging Services

Katie Davis is a CT technologist in the Imaging Department who self-isolated from her family during the pandemic so she could continue caring for patients. 

“I really appreciate how the community came together to recognize healthcare workers on the front lines. Their support helped us get through some very tough days. I’m especially grateful to Randy Harman, owner of the Sleep Inn in Harrisonburg, who opened up his hotel to healthcare workers so we could keep our families safe, free of charge, during all of this. Thanks to Randy, I was able to stay at the Sleep Inn for two months. His generous offer came at just the right time for our families. 

I work with a wonderful team of care providers, and we’ve all banded together to help each other and our community get through this very stressful time. We know we can get through this if we stick together.”

Joy Clayton, RRT

Heart and Vascular Services

Joy Clayton is a registered respiratory therapist who works in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation in the main hospital. 

“As part of the patient care team, one of the most impressive things was seeing the bravery of our staff as they came together from all departments to help each other take care of COVID patients, and to prepare in case we had a surge in patients. We’re here at Sentara RMH because we want to help and care for people, and we’re doing everything we can to keep patients safe. But it is also very meaningful to see how the community has cared for us—with support shown through supportive signs posted around the hospital, donations of food and personal protective equipment, and people’s thoughtful prayers.”

Wena Golladay 

Environmental Services

Wena Golladay and the other members of the Environmental Services team are frontline workers who bear the greatest responsibility for keeping the hospital and Sentara RMH outpatient facilities clean and safe for everyone. 

“With all the uncertainty, I’m thankful for the many times I’ve been able to share my trust and faith in my Lord and Savior. I’m also thankful for my team members in Environmental Services. They’ve been great, and we’ve been there for one another through it all. Sentara RMH is a great place to work, and I’m happy to be part of the team that helps keep the hospital sanitized to protect patients and staff.” 

Tina Crum 

Materials Management

Tina Crum works as a team coordinator in Materials Management. 

“This pandemic has been a really trying, exhausting time for everyone. We’ve all been pushed to our limits, but we’ve also pulled together to meet the challenge. That’s the most rewarding thing about this—seeing everyone helping, encouraging and just being there for each other. Working in Materials Management, we sometimes feel like we’re on the sidelines, but through this whole pandemic, everyone in the entire hospital has worked together to make sure every one of our patients and co-workers is taken care of.” 

Earl King, MD

Pulmonary and Critical Care

Dr. Earl King is in practice with Sentara Pulmonary & Critical Care Specialists at Sentara RMH.

“It has been most satisfying working with my colleagues—Tanya Raef, CRNP; Dan Ruch, PA; Dr. Aklilu Degene; Dr. Fasika Weldearegay; Dr. Mosaab Bagegni; and the superb critical care nurses and respiratory therapists—to care for our critically ill patients, knowing everyone is ‘giving their all’ to help them recover. I also want to express my heartfelt gratitude to my spouse, Cathie Sue, for supporting me through this difficult time of work. I could not have made it this far without her.” 

Rick Villiard Jr., PharmD, BCCP, BCPS


Rick Villiard is a clinical pharmacy specialist who frequently works in critical care.

“The most rewarding thing for me has been seeing critically ill patients with COVID-19 improve and recover. Being part of a dedicated multidisciplinary team that cares for these patients is a real privilege. I’m also part of a critical care multidisciplinary team that meets at least weekly to review and update our systemwide COVID-19 treatment guidelines, which incorporate the latest treatment recommendations taken from medical literature and help ensure that our patients receive the most up-to-date therapy possible. It’s inspiring to see the dedication of my co-workers at Sentara RMH, and I want the community we serve to know we are dedicated to serving our patients and keeping them safe.”

Zulma Argueta

Community Health

Zulma Argueta serves as a community health educator in the Sentara RMH Community Health Department. She works with Healthy Families of the Blue Ridge, a voluntary program that helps first-time parents learn about how children develop, how to keep them healthy and how to prepare them to do well in school. 

“Working through this pandemic has been challenging and rewarding at the same time. I have transitioned from doing in-person home visits to doing 100% virtual visits—a process that has been successful and mostly received well by the families with whom I work. Thanks to virtual visits, I have been able to continue offering support to families in our community to make sure they have the resources they need. It brings me joy and purpose when I hear moms express their gratitude for being able to receive services in these uncertain times.

At Community Health we all work together as a team, and I feel blessed to work with such a compassionate group. I’m also grateful to live in a community like ours that pulls together to continue offering great resources for families.”

Vicky Heishman, RN, BSN

Continuum Case Managers

Vicky Heishman is a Sentara RMH continuum case manager who follows up with patients who are either isolating at home after testing or after being discharged from the hospital—particularly those patients at high risk for complications that could result in readmission. 

“Although my normal role at Sentara RMH is as a continuum nurse case manager, during the COVID-19 pandemic I took on a new role as a member of the Sentara Home Monitoring Program team. This team, which includes a group of nurses throughout the Sentara system, was developed to serve patients who test positive for COVID-19 and are isolating in their homes. We call these patients every two to three days to assess their symptoms, instruct them in CDC and Virginia Department of Health guidelines for isolation and quarantine, and guide them in seeking any further needed medical attention. We are also able to direct them to resources, if they face a lack of food or medicine or have other needs. COVID-19 can be a scary virus due to its many health-related unknowns, as well as the isolation it can create for patients and the changes in guidelines that often come about as we learn more about the virus. What I find most rewarding about working during this difficult time is being able to provide emotional support, answer questions and serve as a caring presence to these patients and their families.”

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