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Presidents Letter

Together, We ARE Sentara RMH

Earlier this spring, you may have seen our “I am Sentara RMH” campaign on local media. The campaign featured staff members sharing what they liked about working for our organization and concluded with the words “I am Sentara RMH.” This campaign proudly highlights the people who make a hospital “work,” who give the hospital its distinctiveness in terms of the type of care, and the quality of the patient experience provided.

“I am Sentara RMH” is part of a broader initiative to enhance the patient experience across the hospital and medical group. Earlier this spring we launched “Caring Always,” a training workshop led by Steve Nelson and Sabrina Shiflett for all hospital staff members to help them provide exceptional care and service to our patients and visitors. We also invested in Patient Experience Coaches Sarah Ward and Meghan Patterson, who have been actively engaged in working with physicians and staff across the hospital and medical group to improve our approach. These efforts are paying off, with our patient satisfaction scores achieving the highest mark ever in May.

There is another aspect of understanding the expression “I am Sentara RMH” that frequently is overlooked, and that is the community we serve.

I often say our people are our greatest asset, but we also are who we are because of the community we serve. We are grateful for community members who choose to come to Sentara RMH for their healthcare needs, as well as the many generous individuals, businesses and organizations that support us financially through the RMH Foundation. We appreciate your partnership with us.

That close partnership drives Sentara RMH to strive to improve the quality of care we provide, and to expand the types of services we offer. In this issue ofSentara RMH Magazine, you will read about some of these new or expanded services, read how we have raised the bar yet again in terms of heart care by offering cardiac MRI, a new service we started providing in January. Over the past couple of years, Sentara RMH also created a new program consisting of care management nurses and community health workers. These providers regularly visit homes of high-risk patients discharged from the hospital to help them remain healthy in their own homes, thus avoiding unnecessary emergency room visits and preventable readmissions to the hospital. 

We also feature two long-established Sentara RMH services, our weight-loss surgery program and our orthopedic sports medicine surgery program. These services continue to help patients recover their health and return to the activities they enjoy.

People expect their community hospital to be both “high-tech” and “high-touch,” and the staff members of Sentara RMH strive to meet and exceed that expectation, consistently and compassionately. We take our responsibility to you, our community partners, seriously, which is why we have engaged our staff in this renewed emphasis on enhancing the patient experience.

Thank you for supporting us and for trusting Sentara RMH with your healthcare needs. Together, we are Sentara RMH.


Doug Moyer

President, Sentara RMH Medical Center

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